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iKent Jun 26, 2001 10:09 AM
iTools homepage and Quicktime
I recently put an iMovie on my iTools homepage. I put out an e-mail notifiying friends and family that it was there and that they would need Quicktime to view it. Of course, most of them are PeeCee users so they didn't get the Quicktime comment.

Anyway, this is what I found odd. When the PeeCee users go to the site, they see Windoze Media Player in the viewer. Of course, they try to use Media Player to view the movie and nothing happens.

Shouldn't there be some notice that tells the user that they need Quicktime and a "Get Quicktime" link? I find it strange that the Windows Media Player even shows up.
spicyjeff Jun 26, 2001 05:54 PM
Well it depends on the format your movie is in and the codec you used. First it sounds like you made it an MPEG (.mpg) and this would explain why Windows Media Player trys to view it. But then it is probably encoded using a codec Winblows Media Slayer doesn't understand. So they cannot see anything. Just make sure they install quicktime, or make sure you make it a MooV (.mov) file type so that it should then force it to use Quicktime, I think.
iKent Jun 27, 2001 08:02 AM
Interesting. I'll have to look at the Quicktime export options in iMovie. But I would have thought that the default file type would have been .mov.
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