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Toad Jun 15, 2000 07:58 AM
invisible files
I have some invisible files which I know are there but can't see (thus being invisible!).

How can I make these visable?

Chris_G Jun 15, 2000 09:38 AM
Sherlock will find both invisible and visible files, and will allow you to drag invisible files to the trash (if that's what you want to do). If you simply want to make them visible, you can use ResEdit to "Get File'Folder Info" (in the File menu), and get info on the invisible file in question. Uncheck the Invisible box and the file should become visible once you save your changes. Hope this helps.

Idler Jun 15, 2000 11:26 AM
File Buddy is an essential utility for dealing with files and folders on the Mac. Search at for it.
reader50 Jun 15, 2000 02:18 PM
Change Visibility is a free contextual menu plug-in that easily makes invisible files visible. Select it from the pop-up Download menu.

If you want ResEdit (also free), you can get it here.
luap82 Jun 22, 2000 01:05 AM
I had this same problem with a folder of mp3s, the last 10 or so became invisible and i knew they were there, but couldnt get to them. I tried everything from norton to select all, nothing worked. So what i did was use sherlock and once the files were located, i dragged them to a new empty folder, then dragged all the rest of the mp3s in the old folder to the new folder. Then i threw the old folder away (the reason this happens is the folder's tree node, or something like that that manages the file hierarchy was corrupted, and thats why you have to throw away the folder.) anyway, hope this helps you solve your problem if you havent already.
Gregg Jun 22, 2000 08:39 AM
Just hold down the option key when you do a "Find", and Visibility will appear as one of the options. Select "Invisible", and it will list them.

bryh28 Jun 23, 2000 06:52 AM
I found invisible files littering my desktop and hard-disk when an e-mail application picked them out whilst I was browsing for files to add as attatchments. I find it a bit spooky that my computer is writing messages to itself and not telling me about it.
Why are they there?
What do they do?
Who's in control of this computer?
Can I find them, delete them and reassert my authority over my computer?

reader50 Jun 23, 2000 01:01 PM
Most invisible files are invisible because if they are renamed or moved they will not work right.
Icon files inside folders give the folder a custom icon bacause folders cannot have resources. Mess with it & you get generic folder icon.
Desktop files at root level are needed by the Finder to associate icons with filetypes & applications. Deleting these files every once in a while is a good idea.
Shutdown Check tells the computer if your computer was shut down normally. Lock it, and you will get the sad message ...your computer did not shut down properly... every time you boot up.
Find By Content Folder contains Sherlock indexing. You can delete it, but file content searches will not work until your HD gets reindexed.

Others have assorted uses. Try not to mess with them or your computer will probably not work right.
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