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BlackMac Jun 16, 2000 09:53 AM
Folder Actions - Help!
I need help enabling Folder Actions; I wonder if anyone know exactly which System Folder components are needed (I've followed which ones Apple mentions and which seem obvious, but without success). I only recently found the idea useful and want to try them out, but with my system being what it is (I've cleaned it, cut it and hacked it to bits) I can't seem to get it to work.

Thanks for the help in advance. : )
Don Foy Jun 16, 2000 11:01 AM
I would suggest a clean system install. Yes, I know, it's a pain in the butt, but we pay for our haste in trashing parts of the system we do not understand, don't we?

Believe me, I know, I work with about 40 macs every day.
Paul Crawford Jun 17, 2000 02:40 AM
Hi BlackMac,

If you're unable or unwilling to perform a clean install, try enabling the following System Folder items (if you haven't already done so):-

Contextual Menu Items:
Folder Actions Menus

Contextual Menu Extension
Folder Actions
Shared Library Manager
Shared Library Manager PPC
SOMobjects for Mac OS

As mentioned in the Finder's 'Mac Help' info, the 'Simple Finder' preference should also be inactive.



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BlackMac Jun 18, 2000 10:26 AM
Thanks guys,

I found in the end that I had enabled all needed extensions, etc., except SOMobjects... When I did, I got Folder Actions to work plus a couple of extra CMMs that I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't work.

Thanks again.
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