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pbj Jan 28, 1999 11:48 AM
TCP/IP stack troubles (ASIP 6.1)
At the University we have subnetting into 15 AT Zones. I run a ASIP 6.1 under MacOS 8.5.1 with all the patches (WinNuke, Network Assistant 3.5.2).

The ethernet connection is on a 100BT link directly on the switch.

After some times, the TCP/IP stack became in troubles. An AT/IP connection runs slowly and some times the mail server is not reachable nor the Web server.

In the Appletalk control pannels the Zone name is not fit. With the "Apple system profiler", nor a net nor a node number is fit.

It seems the ZIP is not well implemented on the routing scheme at the university or the TCP/IP et AT/IP stack is wrong.

ANy idea ?

G3/333 2*9UW, MacOS 8.5.1, ASIP 6.1, 100BT ethernet on B1 PCI connector select on TCP/IP and APpletalk Panels.


Pascal Beaujeant
Computing Center
University of Namur,
Mikael Nordstrom Jan 28, 1999 03:52 PM
Is your network using routers or switches?

We have seen some problems with Bay switches and we are now on our way to test new equipment.

The problem we have is that we looses zones on ports on our switch system under heavy load (users not notis this). This also gets us into problem with HP lasers when setting default zones for those printers (Apple, Teks and Lexmarks works fine).
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