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lythari Jun 27, 2001 09:20 PM
There are a few programs available on the PC that allow you to repartition a hard drive without having to wipe all your data (eg. partition magic). Does anyone know if there are any equivalent programs for the mac? Thanks.
reader50 Jun 28, 2001 01:20 AM
Hard Disk Toolkit v4 will allow a live repartition, but only if you have already formatted that drive with the HDT driver.

There is no real PartitionMagic utility for the Mac today. Not from anyone. I had emailed the PartitionMagic folks about it a month ago, the reply was that they have talked about doing a Mac version but have nothing to announce.

What you can do is to email them about wanting a Mac version of PartitionMagic. The email address I used was:

This is actually the tech support address for PartitionMagic, but seems like the best place to start. You do have a technical problem - PartitionMagic refuses to run on your Mac. ;)

Remember, they don't have to give us a Mac version. A nice email will do much better than "You idiots, I wanted this ****** utility months ago, I'll never buy your products again. Even though I never bought them before. You guys probably strangle babies in the spare time that you could be using to write a Mac version."

Instead, you might offer to be a beta tester for any forthcoming Mac version. And you could offer to buy a Mac version for a higher price than the average PC retail price. You could also offer large quantities of money to them personally. It wouldn't be a bribe since you are not asking them to do anything illegal. :D
VRL Jun 28, 2001 04:40 AM
reader50 - excellent post. I have sent e-mail messages to a number of PC developers (using kind words), and the response is usually quite favorable. Granted, software like Gear is still PC-only, but at least the developers know that we know they are there ... and if they hear from several "kind" Mac users, maybe things will change :)
Woggle Jun 28, 2001 07:44 AM
And going in the opposite direction, I no longer want my drive partioned, can I unpartion a live drive? :confused:
Cipher13 Jun 28, 2001 09:10 AM
Originally posted by Woggle:
<STRONG>And going in the opposite direction, I no longer want my drive partioned, can I unpartion a live drive? :confused:</STRONG>
Again, only with HDTK4... and it must have the HDTK4 drivers...
Woggle Jun 28, 2001 06:55 PM
Drat, foiled again.

:D :D
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