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John Keith Feb 2, 1999 11:48 AM
Pagemaker v 6.5 crash
After I upgraded from 8.1 to 8.5.1 a large Pagemaker 6.5 (98.6 MG - 220 page) file, which previously worked fine now crashes my 64 MG iMac. (The clock icon spins endlessly when I attempt to change to a different page. I have to unplug or reset with a paperclip to escape.)

Before this board went down a correspondent suggested I increase memory allocated to Pagemaker and try turning on or off virtual memory. I now have it set at 26 Megs with no change.

A copy of this file, which also previously worked, which I have on an Imation Super Disk, does the same thing.

I REALLY need this file - can anyone suggest anything other than changing memory settings?

Thanks, John Keith
DH Feb 2, 1999 01:18 PM
Well, I suggest upgrading PageMaker to 6.5.2 (free upgrade on Adobe's site).

If that doesn't work, e-mail Adobe to know if they are aware of the bug.

Check your third party extensions for any that may conflict.

Try downgrading to MacOS 8.5 if the issues addressed in 8.5.1 do not apply to your computer.
bnjhart Feb 2, 1999 01:41 PM
Maybe if you open it on a friends or co-workers system and deselect store in publication option under Element/Link options (you can even go to a local Kinkos and rent time on there Mac to do it) it might solve your problem. I use PageMaker 6.52 with system 8.5.1 all the time and found I have less problems if the imported files are not stored in the document.

Also if any of the linked files are grayscale images from Photoshop make sure they were saved with no embeded profile (Photoshop by default has Embed Profils turned on). I have had many files that have become corrupt and would not save because of this (I would get bad table errors). If so open the grayscale images in Photoshop, go to Profile Setup under preferrences, and make Embed Profiles are deselected and Assumed Profiles are set to none and Profile Match is set to Ignore. Then just do a Save as.

Hope this helps.
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