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goatman Jun 29, 2001 10:35 AM
Software Update control panel
How can you use the Software Update control panel if you have DSL, since when you go to update it quits all applications, thereby bumping you offline?

<Tony Eastwood> Jun 29, 2001 01:24 PM

Hi Goatman...

Check out this link discussing (not specifically your problem - htough you may wish to add to the thread) Software Updater.

I have too found it to be buggy and have resisted the temptation to use it for some time via cable, modem and DSL. Maybe Apple will get it right some day. Maybe it is just too busy to cope.

Sorry this isn't a helpful answer. Just an opinion.


chris v Jun 29, 2001 03:02 PM
I've got DSL and the Software Update thing works for me...

Have you tried playing with the buttons on the control panel?

I have the "Update Software Automatically" button unchecked, and the "ask me before installing" button checked. It should download the files first, the run the install once they're downloded.

Or, maybe I don't really know what I'm taling about. But it seems to work for me that way.

bottles Jun 29, 2001 04:35 PM
Hi goatman,

My experience is the same as that of Chris. That is, I have DSL and never get knocked off line when I use the Software Update control panel. My DSL software (EnterNet 300) is used to get me connected via TCP/IP. Once I'm connected and have an IP Address in the TCP/IP control panel, I can quit the EnterNet application all together; I no longer need it to stay connected.

goatman Jun 29, 2001 09:04 PM
Ah-ha. I use MacPoet to connect my DSL -- the app. given me by Mindspring. Can I freely install EnterNet 300? Are there any issues that you know of between choosing MacPoet or EnterNet?

Thanks very much.
bottles Jun 29, 2001 09:56 PM
Hi again goatman,

I'm not at all familiar with MacPoet, so can't help much. When I signed up for DSL service with SW Bell, they gave me the EnterNet 300 software. Have you contacted MindSpring about the problem? Perhaps they could answer the question about using EnterNet 300.

goatman Jun 30, 2001 11:04 AM
Thanks. Yes, I did contact Mindspring and I'm waiting for a reply. However, in doing more searching for discussion on this topic, I came across somewhere someone saying that if you do a Force Quit on MacPoet you stay connected online. And sure enough it's true. Problem solved. Cheers...
finboy Jun 30, 2001 02:50 PM
I'd actually consider the inability to run Software Update a FEATURE, not a problem. Rarely is it that your OS can automatically screw up your machine without you having to do anything.

It was the first thing I deleted from my new Powerbook, followed shortly by File Synch, Apple Menu Items, and virtual memory.
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