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TiMac Jun 30, 2001 03:20 PM
New to macs!!
All of my icons, under the apple menu and on the desktop for applications, have reverted back to the hand and paper icon. What did I do to make this happen, how do I restore this? I think that it started to fix this earlier, but i accidentily stoped it.

Please help,

PS. my new dual usb iBook is great, except I cannot get my airport to work in OSX.

Thanks in advance,

Hobbes Jun 30, 2001 04:05 PM
You need to rebuild your Desktop. After installing a bunch of apps, or after some time of use, its a good idea to do it as part of maintenance.

To do it, restart and hold down the Command (Apple) + Option key until you see a dialog box asking you if you're sure you want to rebuild the Desktop. Click Yes, and you'll be all set.
maclove Jul 3, 2001 10:28 PM
Your best bet use a program called TechTool Lite 3.0.1 it's easy to use and it's free. You can zap your memory and rebuild your desktop. You can find it at :)
Cipher13 Jul 5, 2001 12:55 AM
Just force-quit the Finder, then hold Apple-Option.
Whenever a volume mounts you can rebuild it - loading the Finder mounts the volumes.

I prefer that to TechTool... I just don't like that program.
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