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AppleWeek Jan 27, 1999 01:58 PM
Mac OS 8.5 Finder
Sometimes when my comptuer is started up, after all the INIT's(extensions and control pannels) are loaded, and the Mac OS 8.5 Finder is about to load, I get a 15-20 second delay. Does anyone else experience this? Is this a symptom of an extension conflict?

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ssutfin Jan 27, 1999 07:37 PM
I experience the delay on three machines I use daily, A Performa 6115CD, (which I removed 8.5 from because it was just too slow) a Rev 2 G3/266, and a 7300/200. I don't think it's an extension conflict because they delay with extensions off. Only the Hard Drive icon and the clock are displayed in the finder when the delay occurs.
darkduck Jan 27, 1999 07:46 PM
I had the same problem for a while on my Performa 6400 machine. I did two things to fix the problem. First I ran Disk First Aid and repaired some damage to the hard drive. Next I rebuilted the desktop. This fixed the problem. Try it and let me know what happens.
everdween Jan 28, 1999 12:42 AM
I don't know why i have to REGISTER to use this service just to help a single person, but fine - may it be so. Absurd...

Here's the answer to your problem: Delete you Apple Menu Items Prefs and remove any large folder containing over 200 items from the Apple Menu Items Folder (such as an alias of a hard drive)

c'est tout
macman Jan 28, 1999 01:12 AM
I had this same problem. It came about in one of two ways. I am not really sure. The first time I installed 8.5, it worked fine and fast. Soon after I did two things. One is put an alias of my HD into the Apple Menu and the other one was optimize my drive with Norton. Lately I reformated and reinstalled and as of yet I have had no slow downs.
eric Feb 6, 1999 11:27 AM
Hi I've had this pb too. The source of the problem was the Apple Display software I had installed. I had to wait 15 to 30sec. before the desktop appeared because of a conflict at the graphic res. setting time.

Hope it helps
werty Mar 8, 1999 07:24 PM
I've been bothered by this, too. On my machine it seems like a delay in setting up either the Application Switcher or the Control Strip. It seems to take forever for them to show up on the desktop sometimes.

Deleting the pref files for these apps and restarting seems to improve things for a while.

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