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RV Feb 15, 1999 12:15 AM
Troubles rebuilding Desktop
I just bought the new 266Mhz iMac with system 8.5.1 on it. I have noticed some of my icons have turned to blank page icons. When I tried to reset them by rebuilding my desktop, my iMac freezes. Is this a bug with the system software or the iMac and if so how do I fix this problem?
Patrick Feb 16, 1999 01:53 AM
This is a problem which I bet running Disk First Aid won't help (but run it anyway, just in case). Just recently I was getting the strangest error when I tried to rebuild the desktop: when I clicked OK, it just went into the finder. The menubar was mixed up, and applications wouldn't launch right. Finally, I ran Norton Disk Doctor, which said my system file (8.51) had a damaged resource fork. So I reinstalled the system (from the 8.5 CD), rebuilt the desktop, and things worked fine. So anyway, I'd say to run some kind of disk repair application and see what's going on. Also, system 8.5 runs Disk First Aid automatically after a hard restart or improper shutdown. If you have that option turned off, it might be a good idea to turn it back on.

RV Feb 16, 1999 09:29 PM
I think I've fixed the problem. I set my operating system to the base settings in the ext. manager and restarted the machine. I could then rebuild the desktop which returned the icons back to normal and linked them to their respective programs.
I hope it continues to work.
Dieter Mar 3, 1999 04:21 PM
Also had Patrick's problem with a damaged resource in the system file on an iMac B, OS8.5.1. It kept recurring. I could not associate it with anything. Among others i reduced volume cache to 512 and it did not happen again so far, but who knows? The only definite is: my G3 233 DT and the 7200/90 running basically the same sw did NOT show this problem!
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