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Harro Jansz Feb 25, 1999 04:01 AM
Seeking HFS+ updater (for free :-)

Is there a freeware app around somewhere that can 'translate' my iMac HD (4 GB, HFS) to a HFS+ one? I ran into a shareware app that could clear 558 MB for me, without having to erase the whole disk. It could just do so and nothing bad would happen. At least, that's what it told me. Only thing is, that it could only do so AFTER I WOULD HAVE REGISTERED. Now, IS there a freeware app around that can actually do the same?!

Thanks, Harro. (BTW, the SW-app is calles Action Space Doctor)
dcoyle Feb 26, 1999 12:28 AM
If you've got 4 gig, your drive is probably partitioned. If so, do what you have to do (compress files, etc) to get everything copied to 1 partition. Use Apple's Drive Setup 1.62 (This comes with 8.5.1 - don't use an earlier ver as there were bugs) to reformat 1 partition, copy everything to this partition, and reformat the others.

You still end up with more partitions than you probably want, but this solution falls within what you want to pay.

AAPl Shareholder Mar 10, 1999 09:17 PM
apple shipped iMacs with HFS?

ohhh and the only free way is to backup everything and reformat with drive setup.

(PS I don't know what this other guy is talking about... your iMac hard disk is probably not partitioned)
dcoyle Mar 11, 1999 09:12 PM
Admittedly, I don't know what I'm talking about either. I just assumed that nobody in their right mind would ship a 4-gig drive formatted with HFS on only one partition. That would mean a 1-byte file would take up 64 kB. Did they really do that?

-this other guy
a10t2 Mar 24, 1999 07:12 PM
Apple did in fact ship the first iMacs and G3s formatted with HFS. And on a 4G drive, it should be 72K blocks. As an interesting side note, there are two "versions" of HFS+: one uses a 2K block size and the other .5K. As far as I know, there's no way to tell them apart. At least, not in System Profiler.
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