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iPaul UK Jul 5, 2001 04:46 PM
"Fonts For Dummies" Help Please!
Hey Guys..

I'm kinda writing this on behalf of a friend, not a very Internet friendly type friend at that. I not long ago convinced her to buy a Mac over a PC, as she is using it for arty type things.. Anyway, As I kinda made her buy it, it's me that gets the calls for help when she gets stuck! But this latest issue is kinda beyond me, as mass Font usage isn't quite my scene.. So I kindly ask you guys for advice and suggestions!

My friend bought this CD rom with around 2000 or so Fonts on it.. Upon installation the finder now brings up a warning dialog box saying that only 128 Fonts can be used. So how do you get around this limitation? Is some kind of a Font management utility required? If so, which one? and how does it work?

Next question.. Why do most fonts have 2 files, each with different style icons? What is the difference between them both, and are both required?

Final question.. My friend only has a modest Epson 600 printer. But why do some fonts look fine on screen, yet when printed, look all jagged? But only some fonts.. Not all.

Thanks in advance for help and suggestions!

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chris v Jul 7, 2001 11:40 AM
Yes, you need a font mgmt. utility, like Suitcase. You can only put 128 fonts in the system font folder. Once you've got a program like Suitcase, of Adobe Type Manager (which I've never used, so can't reccomend, but I do like Suitcase) you can copy your fonts to a regular old folder, not in the sysem folder, then load them into Suitcase, and activate or deactivate them from there.

As far as fonts looking jagged, it may be because she's missing the printer fonts. PostScript fonts have two parts, one for display, and one for printing, which should both be activated in the same font suitcase. Generally, art programs like Illustrator will warn you when you try to use a font that's missing either the screen or printer font.

Sometimes, fonts just "corrupt," don't ask me why, and you need to toss them and reload them from your font CD. If she's serious about getting into graphics professionally, there's a pretty handy program called Font Agent which checks for corrupt fonts, and organizes them into font suitcases for you, and generally keeps things clean. I've got about 5000 fonts these days, any number of which we may need at work on any given day, and Suitcase ($90.00 american, i think) and Font Agent (about the same) have been good programs for me.

<anonymous> Jul 8, 2001 05:59 PM
You could also try this:


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I ran across a solution for this problem in the Apple Forums:

Move your Fonts folder onto your desktop. Duplicate one of your Font Suitcases, then rename it "Fonts A-F". Open it, select all, then delete. Proceed to move all the A-F fonts from inside their suitcases to this ONE suitcase. Repeat for "Fonts G-L", "M-S", "T-Z, deleting the now-empty suitcases as you go. Move the Font Folder back into the system and restart. Now, your fonts will only register as four files instead of many, many files.

Of course, you should back up everything first.

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