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df03472 Oct 17, 1999 08:54 PM
Open Transport problem with OS 9
I had to install OT from 8.6 in order to get my ISDN to work with OS 9. I have a beige G3/300 with 2 ethernet cards (internal and PCI). Did not try to remove the PCI ethernet card to see if maybe OS 9 gets confused. Seems to run OK with the older Open Transport. Has any one else had this problem.
arthurdent Oct 18, 1999 12:07 AM
Some ethernet cards will need new or updated drivers before they will work with OS 9. Your card might simply need a new driver. Consult various Mac sites for info: MacFixit and MacNN have OS9 compatibility lists which are updated daily.
arthurdent Oct 18, 1999 12:16 AM
OS 9 users should discover a considerable increase in network speed and reliability over previous OS versions, 8.6 included. Moving from 8.6 to 9.0 seems to have solved all the DHCP poblems I have had with a cable modem. OpenTransport 2.5, part of OS9, uses some of the latest Mentat networking code, the same stuff used in Solaris, HP-UX, and other heavy-duty UNIX OSes. (OT has always been based on Mentat code; the latest OT just takes advantage of the improvements of more recent code developments.)
df03472 Oct 18, 1999 09:13 AM
Thanks arthurdent for the input.
My system is 100% Apple, both Ethernet cards (internal and PCI) are Apples. I assuming Apple would have sent the driver for its hardware with OS9. I'm also runing OS9 sent early from apple. I guess my next step is to remove the PCI card and try again, (it looks as if I'm alone with this problem, for now). I also run an iMac with a cable modem, glad to hear DHCP works. Thanks again.
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