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Orion Jul 6, 2001 09:58 AM
can't empty trash
I have a folder with no name in my trash, with a preference file inside (with no name either) and I can't delete them. I get a message saying that the file is in use.

I tried the following: empty trash with alt, restarting with extension off, booting from mac os CD, norton utilities.

Anything else I could try?

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fisherKing Jul 6, 2001 12:15 PM
have u tried moving the folder to the desktop?
naming it?
what os are u using??

try restarting w/extensions off.
then empty the trash while holding down "option"...
reader50 Jul 6, 2001 12:26 PM
Check the disk with Disk First Aid. Trash-related errors usually indicate disk damage.
Orion Jul 6, 2001 05:52 PM
I think my hardrive is corrupted or something. I also have a file with no name in my extensions folder. When I try to move it I get a error message. I can't put the file in the trash on the desktop, but if i move it on a folder, the folder dissapear! This is crazy.

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yoyo52 Jul 7, 2001 12:01 AM
First thing I'd do is use DiskWarrior to see if that will fix whatever ails your disk. If it does not, maybe it's time to do a clean install of the system and see if that solves your problems. By the way, if booting with extensions off doesn't allow you to dump the file in the Trash, you might try restarting from a bootable CD.
reader50 Jul 7, 2001 03:45 AM
Sorry yoyo, this is disk damage. And a reinstall will not fix it, unless Orion does a reformat first.

Orion, use Disk First Aid. It's free. If it can't fix the damage, you have two options. Use a serious repair utility like DiskWarrior/TechTool Pro/Norton utilities. Or copy your personal files off the HD, reformat it, reinstall the OS, and copy your files back.

If you choose to reformat and have no backup options, you can upload your files to your iDisk (20 MB capacity). You can even buy more iDisk capacity (up to 400 MB I believe). Just be sure to write down your iDisk name and password. You will need those to access your iDisk again after the reformat/reinstall.

Whatever you do choose to do, repair that hard drive sooner rather than later. The damage is going to get worse if not fixed. Eventually your HD will stop mounting, and then your Mac will have to boot from the CD. Even after booting from CD, you probably would not be able to reach the main HD. Repairs at this stage would require TechTool Pro or Norton Utilities combined with risky reformatting tricks.
STAT Jul 7, 2001 04:16 AM
I realize that if he's having a disk problem, this wouldn't solve that, but don't forget that if you just want to do a no-BS trash empty, hold down the option key while you choose Empty Trash and it'll empty...
Toinou Jul 7, 2001 11:09 AM
Let me guess : U got a French OS, right ?
This issue you're facing is called 'The Thing'
You or a software installer moved the 'text encoding converter' (conversion encodages textes) extension.
The only way to solve this is to use Disk Warrior or boot on an OS 9 CD, empty the trash and install the newest apple hard disk driver.
This is what I call a ****ed up localisation but this is always the same with apple. Now there's a brand new bug for us frenchies only that's called 'table du système de fichiers incorrecte' and trust me, this one is a nasty one too. :mad:

Orion Jul 7, 2001 04:15 PM
Yes I have a french OS :) I will try to get Disk Warrior. Thanks.
peterthorn Jul 10, 2001 06:21 AM
Can't it be solved with ResEdit?

<anonymous> Jul 10, 2001 11:56 AM
Or how about Tra****?
<anonymous> Jul 10, 2001 02:56 PM
How do like that! Automatic 'bad word' censoring. That's 'Trash It' in the above link, which works. I didn't use a space between 'sh it' before though. :eek:
George Orville Jul 12, 2001 01:15 PM
[Orion, try this.....

If the following does not work I believe you have directory problems and you will need a utility like Disk Warrior


1. Create a new folder on the Desk Top..(You don't have to name it )
2. Drag/Drop the problem file/document upon the created folder..
3. Create a text file/document,"Save As" to the Desk Top, and name thefile/document the same as the problem file
4. Place the file/document in the folder that has the problem file.
5. Mac OS will not allow two files/documents with similar names in the same location.
6. Dialog will ask if you want to replace the older file. Click agree.
7. Delete folder and you are finished.........
•NOTE: You can use the same steps for a troublesome folder also......A folder cannot replace a file, nor can a file replace a folder..!!!!!!


1. Launch DropStuff & from the File menu, set preferences to "delete original after stuffing" and select destination "same as" original"........
2. Go to File menu , select "Stuff"........
3. In the save/open dialog that appears, hilite item, click on "Add" and click on "Stuff"
4. New dialog appears, "save" to Desk Top........
5. DropStuff creates a .SIT file on Desk Top and it deletes the original.......
6. Drag the stuffed items to the trash and empty it......
6. You are done.........It has worked for me many, many times......
•Don't forget to reset your Stuffit preferences back to where they were........
Cipher13 Jul 19, 2001 07:59 AM
Thats a bandaid-on-a-broken-arm cure.

Its disk damage and if you repair it that way, then new data is simply being moved into the corrupted sectors.

When you get this problem, consider yourself lucky that you FOUND it - had you not, it may have manifested itself later, and it can get worse too.

Repair the drive with DiskWarrior.
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