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dklaproth Oct 18, 1999 02:09 AM
Nisus 5.1.3: Spell check causes freeze
I wasn't having any problems with Nisus 5.1.3 in 8.6, but am now.

After I type the document in Nisus 5.1.3 and select spell check from the pull down menue, I get a hard freeze. Nothing works, I can't escape and I have to restart.

I tried re-installing Nisus, but continue to have the same problem.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for any help!
wlonh Oct 18, 1999 03:13 AM
i don't use Nisus but my nephew does and he claims they have excellent tech support even thru email and respond very quickly.

just a thought.
dklaproth Oct 19, 1999 12:47 AM
Thanks for the advice. I went ahead and sent an e-mail this morning and am waiting for a reply. Will post the solution when I get it.
Herr Newton Oct 20, 1999 12:14 PM
Nisus 5.1.3 works fine on my PowerCenter Pro 210 under MacOS 9.0. No freezes with spell check.
dklaproth Oct 20, 1999 01:24 PM
Yes I'm still having problems and Nisus said that it was a conflict with on of the extensions in OS9 but didn't know which one because they just got there copies of OS9 and haven't had a chance to track it down yet.

I restarted with extensions off and didn't have a probem. When I tried to track it down using the Extensions Manage I had no luck. I eventually had all the extensions off and I was still having the same problem.

When you turn off all of the extensions in the Extensions Manager, what is the differnce in holding down the shift key? Is there still something turned on when using Extension Manager?

I using OS9 w/ JLK installed on G3/300 with 192MB ram.

I wasn't having any problems with Nisus 5.1.3 when I was using 8.6. The only thing I've changed is the OS. Everything else is the same.

Any more replies on this subjuct would be very helpfull.

Thanks again to all!

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