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mauty Oct 18, 1999 05:01 PM
USB Audio in OS 9??
Has anyone figured out whether or not full USB Audio support has been implemented in OS 9?? I can't seem to figure it out based on Apple's product literature and other sources around the web. If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate your comments...
mkbhatia Oct 18, 1999 08:11 PM
from the Dev 9 Technote:


Implements support for USB Audio Class devices, both speakers and microphones and for generic HID devices on USB speakers - volume, mute, bass, and treble adjustment.

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Serotonin Jun 30, 2000 02:50 PM
I've been struggling with USB audio since I got my new G4. It has OS 9.04, the multimedia update and the firmware update. I've finally had some success with my old Opcode DATPort, but its flaky, and I can't 'listen through' the computer when inputing digital sound via USB. For that reason I got some USB speakers, these are the Yamaha YST-MS35D's and they are even listed on Apple's USB peripherals site. Unfortunately these speakers don't work at all, it looks for a driver and doesn't find one, and I never get any USB output choice in the sound control panel.

Has anyone gotten anywhere with USB speakers on OS9, besides the iSub?
exa Jun 30, 2000 04:11 PM
Actually yes, a friend of mine has a G4 (two) with these phillips usb speakers (3 piece), not sure what model. Well, they work, thats all I can say, and sound pretty decent (I dont think phillips makes the best sound systems).
Serotonin Jul 6, 2000 12:01 PM
In response to my own inquiry:

I was able to get my Yamaha YST-MS35D USB speakers working. I was suprised they didn't work out of the box seeing that Apple lists them in their product guide on the web site. What I had to do was download the USB 1.4.3 DDK, and install that. Since you have to be handy with ResEdit to make it work, its not exactly a breeze either, and I found I had to disable the "USB HID Library" extension too, after that it works.

Still, if I leave the speakers plugged in when booting the computer up, it tends to hang. What was this article I read some time ago about all the Apple audio people leaving to go to some startup company?
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