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wlee14 Oct 19, 1999 03:57 PM
OS 9's security...

I am concerned with the new security features provided by OS 9 and have 2 q. about it:

1. Is the login screen and other security features built-into the OS itself ? Or just bunch of
extensions ?

2. Also, could the login screen and other security features be by-passed by booting the machine with extensions off or with the OS 9 cd ?


wadekainer Oct 19, 1999 07:14 PM
I think the new multi-user login features are more for convenience rather than security. There is an application to encrypt individual files which is supposedly very secure, however, from what I've heard, multi-user features can be bypassed by booting from another volume. It seems not to be driver-level security ala DiskLock.
park74 Oct 20, 1999 12:02 PM
I am running OS 9 and I have played with the multiple users a little bit. If you boot with extensions off and multiple users was enabled you must enter the owner password before you are allowed into the finder. So it seems that it is somewhat secure. I'm sure it could be defeated without to much hassle, for example by booting off of a CD, etc. But it's enough to keep your average Joe out of thinges they shouldn't be in. If you really want to keep people out of files, etc - encrypt them.
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