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Zemrec Jul 10, 2001 11:20 AM
Finder start up problem with Appletalk
I have a new 2001 iBook with 9.1 and 10.0.4. I also have an older Mac and a PC with W2K that has PC MacLAN for Appletalk sharing.

On the iBook, whenever it boots into 9.1 (or Classic) it will sit at the Finder window, unresponsive for several minutes if it can't find the other "Macs".

The only way to stop it is to force quit, but that doesn't always work, sometimes it freezes up. If it does find the other Macs, then it insists on asking for the username/password. If I hit cancel, it just keeps popping up.

Under MacOS X when I start Classic, the progress bar will get to 95% or so and then sit there for several minutes.

In both OS's, I can see there's activity on my router between the different computers at this stage.

And it doesn't matter if I have Appletalk turned off. The only way I was able to get it to NOT look for the other computers on start up for OS 9 was by switching AppleTalk to Remote Only. Unfortunately, it appears that one of the start up programs that X puts in the OS 9 startup for Classic compatibility only allows ethernet for Appletalk.

Also, under X, if the other computers are online, Classic will pop up an error message, something to the effect that "this server is not available, please switch to TCP/IP", even though both the Mac and PC MacLAN are set to use TCP/IP.

I don't get it. Someone help! :confused:
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