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wcaw Jul 16, 2001 09:29 PM
Last Chance: Fatal Flaw on Hard Disk
This is my second 'fatal flaw'...

Problem: Disk First Aid, Norton, and (reasonably friendly) Apple Support Staff have identified an unrepairable corruption on my hard disk. The only option is to initialize. I would like to back up my data prior to doing this, but when I boot off the Sytem CD, Toast won't recognize my CD burner (Iomega Predator). Of course, I had no problems with the burner prior to the hard disk problems. The strange thing is that it has no problem recognizing my SuperDisk Drive...

Why not back up to SuperDisks? Cause they only hold 120MB (I have about 4 gigs of data) and they cost $13 (Canadian) a pop.

Any ideas? I'm desperate.


{It's an iBook.}
ehunt Jul 17, 2001 12:11 AM
Not sure if this is right but....make a new system folder on your cpu with only the essential items and extensions in it to boot your iBook, this is a bee-atch to do cause it’s hard to know what to leave in and not. So, what you could do is this......the corrupt system folder you have now, call it "old system folder," Drag the system folder off the iBook CD into your hard drive and call that folder “System Folder,” now off of your Iomega CD re-install your burner. This could give you the basic system folder which might get you around your corruption problem?!? Anyone out there disagree with me, I haven't had this problem before?

p.s. wcaw, how's Big Sween holding up in his new house?
Jsnuff1 Jul 17, 2001 02:10 AM
if you have another computer just transfer the files to it while u initialize and transfer them back when your done
Randycat2001 Jul 17, 2001 08:56 PM
A side note, but I think the reason your Predator isn't recognized when you boot off the system CD is because it does not include the necessary CD burner extensions to do so (like your regular System folder). You could try burning your own startup CD with all of the extensions (Toast and such?) from your original system folder. I'm not sure if you have this capability with just basic CD burning software- it's just an idea.

Another idea is you could buy yourself a new HD and plug it into the spare IDE channel of your Mac (maybe this isn't possible with an iBook?). Then you could transfer from HD to HD directly from your desktop?

I guess the most practical way has already been mentioned earlier. Since it is an iBook, you should have no problem physically taking it to another Mac to do your data transfer via ethernet or something (do iBooks have ethernet? That sounds funny for some reason...).
Cipher13 Jul 19, 2001 07:02 AM
If its not too late, I can walk you through fixing your HD... if its too late, tell me, and I won't bother typing whats gonna be agonisingly long, and possibly impossible, depending on the level of hardware access you have...
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