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theiliad Jul 17, 2001 07:34 PM
Hey All...just wanted to know what is avi and where doI get It...

KidRed Jul 17, 2001 07:39 PM
Well, if you are serious, it's a hacked PC version of mpeg-4, I believe (or is that divx). It's a movie file format like .mpg, mov etc.

Divx is either a player that plays some avi's or or a sad attempt to sell disposable movies, depending on what Divx you mean.
Hörnchen Jul 18, 2001 04:02 AM
Mosco3089 Jul 18, 2001 06:53 PM
.Avi is the .mov file of windows. It is the basic windows move format. Then there is Divx. Some call it a codec but I think of it as more of a scructure because it does use the Mpeg-4 codecs from windows media player. All Divx files are .avi, but not all .avi are divx files. If you want to play divx files you can download windows media player 6.3 (7 won't work) and divx player b10 at
Evangellydonut Jul 18, 2001 07:42 PM
to play most of the "standard avi" files, download the Indeo Video 5 extension wherever you can find it. I recommend start with Versiontracker.
to play DivX files, you need to download/install Windows Media Player 6.3, and then download/install Divx Player 1.0b10 (latest). Both can be found at Versiontracker link provided above. Most avi files you can find online now are DivX, and remember, the type/creator for DivX files should be VWf/DivX or something like that, instead of AVI/TVOD or whatever when you download them. (Batchtyper will correct that problem)
hope that helps...and didn't go over your head too much ^_^
Cipher13 Jul 19, 2001 06:55 AM
The AVI format isn't a format - its a wrapper file, which encompasses audio and video data encoded in basically any format.

Its a pain in the ass because you have to be able to decode what those two parts are encoded in for the file to be of any real use.

You could have an AVI that uses mp3 and Sorenson 3, or one that uses AC3 and Sorenson 2, or anything really.

DivX is basically MPEG4 - sorta.

Hacked up, as said.

To play AVI's you need the DivX player, WMP 6.3, and every codec you can find, especially the Indeo codecs - ALL of them, not just the latest. The numbers don't signify versions, but completely different codecs.

Get them at
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