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Cipher13 Mar 12, 2001 03:51 AM
iTunes and SoundJam... interesting
Just found something interesting - I was using iTunes and playing a song.
I quit and launched SoundJam.
And dragged the same song from the Finder to the window, and it continued playing from the point where I quit from iTunes...

Shows how close they really are - they must share data/prefs in some way...?
Or something.
Stored in mem? Nah... Oh well.

chris5 Mar 21, 2001 01:07 AM
Apple bought the rights to Soundjam and the guy who developed soundjam now works for apple. It seems to me apple is taking lessons from the evil side (microsoft). When you can't make it steal it or buy it. That's what uncle bill always says.
Daishi Mar 21, 2001 01:33 AM
I think that's different than Microsoft. The problem I have with Microsoft is when they have a product that is getting curb-stomped by a third party, so they buy that third party and eliminate the competition. Apple didn't have a competing product.
mrchin Mar 21, 2001 10:31 AM
Download the new G-Force 2.0 visual plug-ins. They're supposed to be for SoundJam but work just fine with iTunes. I don't even know but you get quite a few more effects in the visualizer. Go here to download it. Install instructions are right there.
wumeng Mar 25, 2001 11:54 AM
Which SoundJam plug-ins work with iTunes? I'm wondering if the Arboretum Realiser can be used with iTunes -- or has the plug-in architecture diverged that much?
Bissimac Mar 25, 2001 12:10 PM
I havnt managed to get the Soundjam Realizer plug in to work with iTunes. This is one reason I have continued to use Soundjam - that plug in makes so much difference to the music quality.
Cipher13 Mar 27, 2001 06:03 AM
How'd you get it to work? I'll give it a try later, but can't right now...
Just change the association codes?


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