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satchmo Mar 19, 2001 09:55 PM
Why should I pay for OSX after March 24?
I'm looking to pick up a G4 or Cube shortly...and with the release of Mac OS X in a few days, I thought I'd wait.

Now I find out that none of the new machines will come pre loaded with the new OS until sometime in the fall.
So if I don't want to pay for OS X, I'll need to wait another 4 months!!

How does this help Apple? Sure they may pick up some software sales but wouldn't you want a definite hardware sale when you can get it? At least offer some sort of a discount to buyers after the March 24th delivery date. That will give people sitting on the fence to drop down their money and buy a Mac.

It's a no brainer for a long time Mac user such as myself to remain loyal, but it may be the difference to a newbie or a potential PC convert.
posthumanus Mar 20, 2001 04:45 AM
if you're going to spend that much money in someone's shop they'd be idiots to risk the sale by not loading OSX as part of the deal. If they don't, walk out the door and go to their opposition.

posthumanus out.
VRL Mar 20, 2001 05:10 AM
A few thoughts:

Some retailers can be convinced to help you out - we tried it before, and it works. (e.g., getting some extra RAM thrown in with a new Apple computer.)

You can go to another APPLE dealer/retailer if the one you're dealing with refuses to make a reasonable deal with you.

Supporting Apple is not bad, either. We are paying for it (OS X) in part because we don't mind supporting a good company.

In the past, we were given a "free upgrade" opportunity because we purchased a new Apple computer within a certain time frame, just prior to the preloading of the new system on Mac computers. It may happen again.

Good day ...
austeros Mar 20, 2001 09:33 AM
since osX is a 1.0 release, why force it on mom and pop who dont know anybetter? apple is waiting till they can say that the majority of the main apps most people use are compatibile, and till the weed out any 1.0 issues that are not popular.

its smart. and if yo thinking of buying a new computer, it might be good to wait 4 months, it seems as if apple will up the ante with better faster machines

Big Daddy DC Mar 20, 2001 01:03 PM
I'm really upset with Apple for NOT including OS X with a new cpu purchase. I just got off the phone with them and they (sales and tech) have no plans to offer upgrade/rebate/promotional consideration at all for OS X even a purchase after March 24.
They claim it will not be included with cpu purchase until at least June.
So, why should I hand over nearly $3000.00 for one of the latest/greatest computers and have to tolerate an old system software package when:
A) the newest software is available?
B) the same software that will take advantage of the dual processor I'm buying is out there but, I have to pay full price for it?
C) technolgy stocks are plummeting and Apple needs all the customer loyalty they can get?
I may have to save myself about $1500 and buy a stinkin PC with Winbloze (latest edition installed) while Apple pulls its collective head out of its posterior extremity. Maybe they like the veiw?
Sign me out as one pissed off consumer
satchmo Mar 20, 2001 01:38 PM
It would be great if a dealer threw in MacOS X, but with their slim margins, it would be really difficult. I'll give it a shot.

Unless you buy say $20K worth of stuff, the extra $ from OSX is quite important to their bottom line.
bleen Mar 20, 2001 04:37 PM
if you're looking at getting OS X on your G4 cube without paying extra for it this is what I'd do:

Wait till After the 24th (or really check MacNN Wednesday March 21st, that's when Apple's suposed to make an announcment and stuff introducing Mac OS X, and they might talk about it, if they dont follow this).

Apple might add to the AppleStore as a BTO option. If it's not on the website as a BTO option I'd call the Apple Store, talk to a represenative on OS X being added.
spicyjeff Mar 20, 2001 04:37 PM
I'm sorry but you people make me sick. Apple plain out said (Steve himself) that Mac OS X would "ship as the default OS on Macs beginning this summer."

Mac OS X is just about out, but that does not mean it can do everything that OS 9 can right now (DVD anyone?) nor does it have a broad software base.

Apple is doing the smart thing by making it an optional item until they are assured the market is ready for it. This is a smart move. And don't doubt for a second you will be able to add Mac OS X to your new hardware purchase beginning March 24th or shortly after as a BTO option.
Patrick Mar 20, 2001 07:54 PM
Does Apple still have their MacOS up-to-date program? A couple years I bought an iMac that shipped with OS 8.1, and was able to upgrade it to 8.5 for something like $20 instead of around $100. The deal was that if you bought a Mac within a certain amount of time before and after 8.5 came out (and the comp. didn't ship with 8.5), you could send away for the newer OS at the lower price. I remember hearing something about it last year; don't know if they're still doing it.
Cipher13 Mar 21, 2001 06:46 AM
Yeah, they still do that up to date thing.

The reason is, OSX is unpolished. They wanna wait till it is fast, and more awesome than now, before MAKING new users put up with it - work out all the kinks.

Let the MacOS and Unix junkies work together to work out the bugs, so the newbies don't have to.
Thats one reason.

Version 1.5 will come preloaded.

Gorilla in the Shell Mar 22, 2001 12:35 AM
Didn't you read that Apple wants to make the Transition easier?
it's simple. you should pay for it so you can run new and old apps,
and than maybe everyone shouldn't bring every little idea that comes
to their head here.
BigMark Mar 24, 2001 07:31 AM
yeah, talk to the hand, girlfriend.

You should buy Mac OS X because they well deserve monetary recompense for the effort.

No arguments.
heath rezabek Mar 25, 2001 04:39 PM
when OS X is in the hands of every New Jo Mac User, it'd durn well better be solid as a rock & seamlessly flawless. as we've seen by reading the boards, that'll take awhile. i think the timing and the schedule works out well and was smart. OS X is here, the buzz is on, but the first wave of users are working out the kinks. suits me fine.

i have half a mind to wonder if the Developer CD will still be in there, once OS X 10.1 [say] ships, and new Macs have it pre-installed. maybe that's the prize, and the bane, that early adopters inherit.

Gregg Mar 27, 2001 09:35 AM
You get wounded on the cutting edge. I'll wait until it gets fine tuned, and grab it by the handle. If you're too eager to do that, don't complain when you get cut.
iSilver Mar 27, 2001 09:42 AM
I personally find it a real piss off that Apple have no plans for an upgrade to OS X my three week old G4. Subscribe to E-news the AppleStore representative told me, and keep your eye out for special offers. Ha.
iSilver Mar 27, 2001 04:39 PM
I personally find it a real piss-off that Apple have no plans for an upgrade price discount to OS X for my three week old G4. "Subscribe to E-news" the AppleStore representative told me, "and keep your eye out for special offers." Ha.
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