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eakspeasy Dec 29, 2000 01:15 PM
iMac Nervous Breakdown
I need a solution before I start shoving anti-depressants into a USB slot.

This happened once before. Normal sounds are heard (the fan whirring, the hard disk clicking, the display fwhvoomping...) but everything stops at the folder with a flashing ?/OS icon. When I boot from the CD, most everything is as expected, except that the hard disk is unmounted and it says that it is unmountable. I ran DFA on the hard disk several times (as DFA tends to prove necessary) and got this at the very end of the normal DFA spiel: "Problem: Invalid PEOF, 500119, 222". Then I went to drive setup and in all three columns a "0" was listed, whilst the CD had other numbers.

I have a backup, but not of late (it's about three months old) and would like to salvage as much as possible.

Do I have a chance or a brand new Bondi Blue paperweight?

BTW - Running OS8.6.

K.C. Lofty Dec 29, 2000 02:09 PM
You have a case of serious hard drive damage. It is very likely that diskwarrior or Tech Tools Pro can repair this damage, and get all of your information back. If you have them, run them...if not, get them (or borrow)

PEOF is Physical End Of File - chances are that your directory is damaged, and it cannot find the beginning and end of your disk directory, so it cannot boot or mount the hard drive. Either of the above tools could fix it...Norton might be able to, but you would be better off with one of the others with this type of damage.
Cipher13 Dec 29, 2000 08:04 PM
DiskWarrior will handle this with ease
(im my experience...) <---[disclaimer]


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iPaul UK Dec 29, 2000 08:38 PM
You mentioned drive setup.. But I wasn't clear on whether this registered your drive or not? If it did.. Did you try to re-install the disks driver with Drive Setup?
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