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kiddydoc Jul 4, 2000 03:46 PM
PowerPC Enablers
I just upgraded from MacOS 9.0.2 (pre-installed on my G4) to MacOS 9.0.4 and I now have BOTH the PowerPC 9.0.2 Enabler AND the PowerPC 9.0.4 Enablers in my System Folder.

Can I safely trash the "old" 9.0.2 Enabler now? Is there any problem with just leaving it there?
reader50 Jul 4, 2000 05:05 PM
You can trash it. My G4 came with 9.0 (no enabler), when I went to 9.04, I got just the 9.04 enabler. No problems here.

I don't think it does anything to just leave it, but I like a trim System folder myself.
bluefire 529 Jul 5, 2000 02:55 PM
A quick word of caution regarding trashing the 9.0.4 Enabler. I do not know how much this affects other machines, but here is what I found with my 7500/100 (now more of a 7300/200).

I installed the 9.0.4 update to my machine and it would crash within 5 minutes from startup, no matter what I was doing, whether it be running an app or just sitting at the desktop. Starting with extensions off, the machine ran fine. I trimmed down the Extensions Manager to the point of only a couple 3rd party extensions along with a slimmed-down set of Apple extensions. This still didn't work.

I then looked in my System folder and saw the new Enabler that was never there before. I trashed it and restarted. Everything worked great! For grins, I ran the Software Update and it said the only thing I needed was OS 9.0.4. I looked at what my system was, and it said 9.0. I reinstalled the update, and it started crashing again. I threw away the Enabler, and it worked fine, but the System said I was only running 9.0

I do not know what the Enabler does, but it seems to want to be there for the OS to see itself as 9.0.4. Now I am just running the update without the Enabler, and everything is running fine.

Just my $0.02
P Jul 24, 2000 01:34 AM
The PPC Enabler is there to avoid patching the System file during the update, as patching a file is always harder than writing a brand new one. Removing the 9.0.4 Enabler reverts the system to 9.0 again.

Re: The 9.0.2 Enabler. You can remove it allright. Don't trash just yet, though - never trash anything directly from the system folder, leave it in a folder outside the system for a while and see if you might need it after all.
reader50 Jul 24, 2000 02:04 AM
Clarification: I seem to have worded my first reply poorly. I was referring to trashing the 9.0.2 enabler. I have left the 9.0.4 enabler strictly alone.
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