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iMacguy Jul 7, 2000 10:53 AM
Extenison/Control Panel Issue
I have an iMac DV SE. Upon start -up, when the extension/control panels are shooting across the bottom of the screen one of them has a red 'X" through it. This is fairly recent and I have just recovered the machine from numerous crashes by re-installing all the system as well as third party software. I'm not an expert so I don't really know much about this except to say that I guess it means some kind of extension or control panel problem. I'm not even sure what this icon represents. It sort of looks like a piece of paper rolled up at the ends like a scroll. Is that an Apple Script icon? If so what does that mean.
Any suggestions out there besides going through each one in the extensions manager and restarting my machine all day long?
Thanks for your help.
MacOS761 Jul 7, 2000 12:26 PM
Yes, it sounds like you are describing the AppleScript extension icon. The red "X" means the extension could not load for some reason. Usually that means that there is some component missing(or in the wrong place), for example the AppleScript extension is in the Extensions folder, but the AppleScriptLib is missing or moved. If you have been playing with your extension set, perhaps you turned off something that it needs. If not, reinstalling AppleScript should fix the problem. If you need help with that, keep posting!
wlonh Jul 7, 2000 01:59 PM
it is not unusual to find two AppleScript extensions in an extensions folder, due to some installer or other that installs an older version of it... delete the older version and go about your biz
iMacguy Jul 7, 2000 04:30 PM
Thanks all. Sounds like I'm getting the right help here. I need some guidance on re-installing the Apple Script Extension. Detailed instructions are best if you have the time to do it. Thanks again
wlonh Jul 7, 2000 04:42 PM
ok well there is a fairly new version of AppleScript available here:

do i understand you to mean that you have no AppleScript extension whatever on your Mac at the moment? deleted them both? (assuming your issue was due to having two of them on your Mac)

if you have an AppleScript extension laying about somewhere on your Mac, simply drop it onto the System Folder and respond in the affirmative to the MacOS queries that follow the action of dropping an extension onto the System Folder...

but by all means update to the latest version at the link above

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MacOS761 Jul 7, 2000 05:14 PM
wlonh is good here. The best way is to d/l it from Apple's site. I was thinking I could tell you how to do it from your system install disk, but that's not as good of a way, considering you can get more current versions from Apple. If you'd rather not take the time to download, I'd be happy to explain that way, too. Make sure you clear out all other AppleScript stuff before you install the new version, in any case.
iMacguy Jul 7, 2000 07:39 PM
OK, I checked out and downloaded the AppleScript update from Apple's website. It wouldn't let me install it saying that I already had that version on my hard disk.

So, I checked my extensions folder and I have three extensions for AppleScript in there. They are as follows: "Appscript", "AppleScript.Lib" and another "AppleScript". Of the three, the last one has a bland icon. It's just white with nothing inside. Does that represent a problem?

As far as finding another extension somewhere else on the hard disk, I did a search and only found the ones in the extensions folder.

Thanks again.
elzinat Jul 8, 2000 02:45 PM
I am not sure if I have the latest version of AppleScript (I have 1.4). I have only two extension, AppleScript and AppleScriptLib. The first has "scroll" on the icon, the second a generic library icon. Probably one of your extensions is corrupted. Try deleting them all, then the installer should let you install Applescript cleanly.
iMacguy Jul 9, 2000 01:42 AM
OK, here's the deal. I trashed my existing three icons in the ext. folder and re-installed the download from Apple. Sure enough, I no longer see the red "X" at start up but I also don't the AppleScript extension splash across the screen at start up. I looked in my extension folder and I found one AppleScript icon now. However, when I open the extension manager I do not see it in the list so I cannot tell if it is on or off. Does this make any sense? So far the computer runs fine so there's not much to complain about. Is this possibly an extension that I'm not supposed to have control over?
Any thoughts?
wlonh Jul 9, 2000 10:06 AM
you should have AppleScriptLib (referring to my Extensions Manager on my iBook, it is the only extension i have for AppleScript) on your Mac, and it is not one that does not show up in Extensions Manager... you should have AppleScriptLib 1.4 in the extensions folder, but search your HD to see if it is extant on your Mac at all
Gregory Jul 9, 2000 11:13 AM
Sounds like Conflict Catcher 8 would help a lot. Catches extensions that don't belong, sets (rules), and information.

Showing Packages helps. But being able to show by Date Installed is really essential.

If you click on an icon as they load, CC8 will stop, tell you what it is. You can also trigger a restart, cancel loading any more extensions, or even shutdown during startup process.

'Course have no idea CC will have a future what with OS X unless you keep with OS 9.

wlonh Jul 9, 2000 11:30 AM
not at all! this issue would not be helped by CC... read the thread again...

and Conflict Catcher is dumb hand-holding software, gawd i hate CC... and i have checked it out though never really used it more than was required to check it out, what a 'Rube Goldberg' POS it is (remember the boardgame called 'Mousetrap'? that was a Rube Goldberg-style contraption, ya dig)

this person does not need CC! (less is often more, and simple is beautiful)

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Paul Crawford Jul 10, 2000 09:41 AM
Hi all,

Just wanted to note that it's normal for the newer (1.4.x) versions of the AppleScript "extension" to not show up in Apple's Extensions Manager. For details, see the earlier related threads in various forums (fora?) here on MacNN (e.g., the applescript help!!!!! thread in the 'iBook' Forum), or over on the MacFixIt Forums or the other standard support boards.



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