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snipe Jul 8, 2000 07:57 AM
Ram requirements
I have a G4/400 with only the stock 64 megs that it came with. For VM, I use Ram Doubler 9. My computer crashes a LOT, is it because I only have 64 megs of ram? Does RD compromise stability? I am using 9.0.4 and all of the latest system sw, and do no use many 3rd party extensions.
wlonh Jul 8, 2000 10:56 AM
by all means run don't walk and get more RAM... 128M is about the minimum these days

yes your mac will run better, and it's probably pretty well-known that i hate VM and discourage its use... others say different and yet others are vehemently in agreement with me... unless you must use VM for some reason (other than lack of physical RAM), don't!

and yes i know VM has been improved... ha! can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear, even with 'technology improvements'... there is no substitute for real RAM

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WDL Jul 8, 2000 11:00 AM
RAM Doubler/Speed Doubler caused me the worst problems I ever experienced with my Macs - quit using them some time ago.

Using an iMac 350/64 megs with VM always on and set to 96 megs (which is more than recommended, but works well for me and for many others) Disable your RAM doubler and try VM. VM gets a bum rap because it was BAD for years, but there has been major improvement starting with OS 8.X and since.

You have nothing to lose and you can't hurt anything - try it and judge for yourself! Don't forget to restart after turning it on to have it become active.


elzinat Jul 8, 2000 02:57 PM
as I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong
), since OS something-or-other, the memory CP's VM works by completely ignoring your physical RAM, and using only the hard disk (and this is why the minimum setting is 1 MB over your physical RAM size). The old way was for VM to be in addition to physical RAM, and this was a much more problamatic arrangement because the process of bloating beyond physical RAM caused crashes. RAM Doubler still uses the old way (starts from physical and bloats out), and therefore is less stable than your Memory CP's VM.
And of course, physical RAM is always better...
snipe Jul 9, 2000 07:27 AM
Thanks I went directly to to get a 128meg PC100 DIMM. I didn't have to walk or run anwhere, but I clicked very quickly.
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