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NDBounce Jul 8, 2000 02:41 PM
Can't delete items from trash
I have three AIFF files which refuse to delete. They are in my trash and every time I try to empty the tradh I get an error message that they cannot be deleted because an error of type -127 occurred.

The files are not locked. I even tried booting from the OS9 CD and deleting teh files, but I still got the same error message.

I booted with extensions turned off. Still the same message. I tried moved them to the desktop and back in to the trash, same message, I even tried removing them one at a time (in which case I got an error of type -127 for two of the files and an error of type -60 for the other one).

QuickTime Player will only open one of the files. The others give error messages as well.

These are AIFF files that were created with MPEG Convert (they were converted from MP3 format).

I am using an iBook (rev A) with OS 9.0. I have 96MB of Ram.

If anyone can help please post a message here or send me an email at

Thank you sooo much.
harnet Jul 8, 2000 02:53 PM
Keep Option Key Down and Empty Trash again..
Re-start Your Mac..Folders should be gone ..

That Should do it!!!!!
NDBounce Jul 8, 2000 03:08 PM
That didn't work, but thank you for replying. These are 3 files, not folders, that won't delete.

Anyone else have any ideas? They are taking up some very valuable space on my iBooks rather puny 3.2 gig HD.

harnet Jul 8, 2000 03:19 PM
Take them out of Trash,,make a new Folder .
Put those MP3 in the Folder .put in trash ..
trash again ...also do what I mention before..

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NDBounce Jul 8, 2000 03:32 PM
Still no luck. These guys don't want to go anywhere.

I did post on that other site you mentioned as well.

Hopefully someone out there might know what is going on and why. I don't tried to look up what an error of type 127 was, but everything on the apple til site was generic (ie told the name of the error but no suggestions on how to correct it).

reader50 Jul 8, 2000 03:33 PM
Odd trash-related errors are almost always disk directory damage.

Error -60 is a Bad Master Directory Block. Use Disk First Aid. If DFA cannot fix the disk, use any other disk utilities that you have. If those don't do it, back everything up & reformat that drive. If you don't fix it, the drive could become unusable soon. You would then have to reformat the drive anyway, without the chance to backup first.

The -127 error is odd: it is a Menu Manager error. Hopefully, it is just a side effect of the disk damage.
darkstranger Jul 8, 2000 07:40 PM
Go to and click on misc. in the menu-at the bottom of the page you will find 'trash
Download the csm and place in the control strip folder.
Reboot and trash the files.
Set the prefs in the drop down menu to warn before deletion.....this should incinerate the problem.
It is indicative of directory problems when items in the trash will not delete-as mentioned in the previous posts-wise to keep an eye on this....................

The only constant is change
Cipher13 Jul 8, 2000 10:26 PM
Reader, isn't a -127 internal file system error? Where did you get Menu Manager from? It is definately HD corruption. -60 and -127 both mean file system damage and other HD damage. Backup immediately and then reformat.


"I may be dead but I'll be damned if I'm gonna turn around"
reader50 Jul 8, 2000 10:44 PM
ummm...I Blame Apple!

Error -127 is indeed an Internal File System Error. I got the info from this Apple TIL.

Error -127 is listed twice. I scanned up from the bottom, and found the -127: dsHMenuFindErr: Could not find HMenu's parent in MenuKey error before hitting the HFS -127 error.

Looks like a mistake in Apple's listing. The error NDBounce got has to be a file error. Thanks, Cipher. I was still wondering about that Menu Manager listing. It just didn't make sense.
mac freak Jul 9, 2000 01:31 AM
Do you have Virtual PC, or another PC emultor installed? If so, quit the Finder, start it up, share your hard drive, and delete it in Windows. That always works for me when I have files that refuse to delete, as it bypasses the Mac system, and therefore error -127.

Also, if you have a copy of DP2, DP3, DP4, LinuxPPC, or BeOS PPC available, try booting one of those and deleting.

If NONE of that will work, and if you have your computer networked to another, delete the files via the other computer.

If none of that works, well...
I dunno...
bowwowman Jul 9, 2000 09:59 PM
Use Stuffit to compress the files, but set the preferences FIRST to " delete originals after stuffing", drag the stuffed files to the trash, restart & then empty the trash as normal WHA LA, works for me. But you still want to check on the disk damage with a repair utility, if that is in fact part of the problem. (I dont know much about error codes) HTH
Cipher13 Jul 10, 2000 02:37 AM
Even if you do get the files deleted through one of those methods I strongly suggest backing up then formatting.


"I may be dead but I'll be damned if I'm gonna turn around"
MacOS761 Jul 10, 2000 12:44 PM
Okay, I had this same exact problem a while ago with a Performa... first try rebuilding your desktop file (it's really a HD problem, but this is worth a try before more drastic measures).

If that doesn't work, try getting Disk First Aid to repair your disk. Most likely, it will say you have a major problem that it can't repair. Ask it to repair whatever it can, and try deleting your files again.

If that still doesn't do it, you should back up the contents of your HD (except, of course, the files you wanted to delete), re-format your drive, and start over. This solution is guaranteed to work, too!

In the process of doing all that on my system, another probelm just like the first popped up, so I think a re-format is the only way to permanently fix the problem. I think HD's just need to be re-formatted occasionally, and now is your time! Good luck!
NDBounce Jul 12, 2000 01:25 AM
Apprently the problem is worse then I thought.

I rebuilt the desktop, and now everything appears as a generic icon (including things like netscape, outlook, etc.

Outlook can no longer save data to my disk.

I noticed a few preference files also will not delete, giving me the same error. And many applescripts will not run properly.

I tried to reinstall the OS from CD, and recieved a message that there were errors with the HD and could not reinstall.

So I just purchased a 20GB external drive to back up my ibook\'s internal drive. Now my question is this...what do I need to use to reformat the disk? I assume I can do this from the OS9 disk, yes/no.

Thanks to all who replied. In my many years of using a mac, I have never encountered anything that has required me to reformat a HD before...once every 10 years isn\'t too bad though.
reader50 Jul 12, 2000 04:00 AM
Try Drive Setup. It should be in your Utilities folder on your internal drive, and is certainly on the installer CD. Drive Setup might or might not work on 3rd party drives, though.

FWB\'s Hard Disk Toolkit is supposed to work with just about everything, but HDT is about $100.

Presumably, you bought a USB external HD. I\'m not thinking of any other utilities off the top of my head that would likely work.

If Disk First Aid & other disk repair utilities could not repair your internal drive, then I would advise you to do as little as possible to the internal drive until you can reformat it. From your description, the damage is spreading and the disk could become unusable anytime.

If that were to happen before you have backed up, then you might still be able to reformat and recover most of your data. Someone had to do that here.
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