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shopdowneast Jul 8, 2000 10:37 PM
Fileshareing Prefs- how to clear?
Using 8.6 on a clone, 9 gig and 2 gig scsi drives. At some point the fileshare control panel setting was 'customized" and the "copy to all" button was pressed.
Now it takes about 20 minutes for filesharing to finish starting. (50 thou plus files)
I'm not hung, computer works nomally during this time.
How do I return the file sharing permissions to nomal so that it will not take 20 minutes? I've tried changing settings, but it still takes forever.

thanks in advance.
mac freak Jul 9, 2000 01:34 AM
Delete anything in the Preferences folder in the System Folder that has "File Sharing" in its name & restart. That should do the trick...

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Cipher13 Jul 9, 2000 07:56 AM
Doesn't the AppleShare PDS file hold that information and stuff?
Someone clarify please.
If clarified, then delete the invisible AppleShare PDS file in root.


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shopdowneast Jul 9, 2000 05:22 PM
I deleted File Sharing CP from system/prefs and turned Applshare PDS visible on both volumes with RESedit and deleted.
restarted- still took 20 minutes to turn filesharing on.

Then set Sharing on the HD's to:
Owner: read+write
groups, (none selected)
everyone: read+write
closed control panel WITHOUT pressing the "copy to all" button.

now it starts in 10 seconds.

Its a tiny ethernet, no hub even just a crossover to a flaky motorla 4000 so I'm not too worried about the file permissions, just the 20 minutes it was taking to start-up.
thanks all.
Cipher13 Jul 10, 2000 02:43 AM
If its just a little crossover cable network you don't really need to worry about permissions (I assume) so just log on as owner and get permission to everything, including ALL mounted volumes.

Cipher13 Jul 10, 2000 02:44 AM
double post

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