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The Godfather Jul 10, 2000 02:34 AM
Double-click and drag, WHAT'S THIS?
I found this by accident in OS 9.0.4 just today:

Double-click on a document (I tried a gif) and don't release on the second click. As you drag, the cursor turns into a "glass magnifier." Drag the magnifier (the icon doesn't follow) through spring-loaded folders and they open just like you were going to move a file. I dropped it in Adobe Photoshop and nothing happened.

Could somebody explain what is the purpose of this magnifier?

The Godfather
Cipher13 Jul 10, 2000 02:40 AM
1 and a half clicking is just how you activate the spring loaded folders thing (for browsing). It can be used for browsing too and not only moving stuff.
1 1/2 click your HD and use the space bar to navigate. Its fast.
I hope this explains what you wanted to know.


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MacOS761 Jul 10, 2000 12:31 PM
Correction... it is ONLY for browsing, not for moving files. It allows you to "dig" through folder levels quite quickly, but that's it. You can hit the spacebar to open the folder that the cursor is over immediately, or wait for the "spring" to pop it open. It's fun and fast!
Cipher13 Jul 12, 2000 01:23 AM
No, you can move files using spring loaded folders. I think you thought I meant that with the 1 1/2 click thing, I didn't - you can move files if you just grab them.
Just a misunderstanding.

MacOS761 Jul 12, 2000 11:25 AM
Oh, lemme try that.... (1 second)

Oh, yeah, DUH! Yes, I thought you were talking about the 1 1/2 click style.
elzinat Jul 12, 2000 03:14 PM
IMHO this approach to navigating is annoying because it requires holding the mouse button down. for those who, like me, have wrist problems, I recommend using FinderPop, which uses CM to allow pop-up hierarchical listing of folders. can browse really deeply really quickly (no big icons loading) with just one click. and it does tons of other cool useful stuff, too, like control-free CM popus.

when I show it to my pc friends, they are forced to say "why, it's even Better than a second mouse button!"

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