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schnork Jul 11, 2000 01:29 AM
Duplicated desktop icons with backup
I use a separate hard drive to backup (duplicate) my system on system on a weekly basis. After the duplication has occurred, all desktop icons are duplicated, with one set pointing to one hard drive and the other pointing to the backup drive. This will also occur if I elect to boot up from the back up drive. I don't recall this being a problem in the past and frankly, the novelty is wearing off. Does anyone know how to stop this annoying feature?

reader50 Jul 11, 2000 04:50 AM
Drop your primary drive icon on the backup drive icon after erasing the last backup (erase the disk, this will clear the invisible Desktop folder).

Your primary drive files will actually end up in a folder at the root level of the backup drive. Desktop files will not appear on the desktop, but in a visible folder named "Desktop" inside the backup folder.

It requires a little more work to fully restore your system from this setup. You would have to drag the desktop icons out onto the real desktop manually, for example. But it should eliminate the annoying duplicate icons problem.
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