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ianm Jul 17, 2000 01:55 AM
Floppy disk icon w/ flashing ?

First off:
Imac DV SE 256mb ram

I was using MacIrc on #linux on last night, then there was a 'beep' and my hard disk went to making noises that I would expect from a fork in garbage disposer.

It refuses to stop, so I depress and hold the power button, and shut down the machine.

I reboot, happy mac appears, then the garbage disposer noises and then the floppy disk with the flashing ?, which goes away after 5min with the evil noise.

Nothing more happens.
I have Norton Utilities for Mac, but can't seem to boot into it (I've forgotten the key combo).

Any help is very much appreciated.
reader50 Jul 17, 2000 02:09 AM
Hold down the "c" key on startup to boot to CD. This doesn't always work since the firmware update.

Better answer: Hold down the "Option" key, and choose the CD from the graphic menu that appears. This works only on recent Macs, including yours.

The floppy icon is bad news. You get it if your Mac can no longer see the HD, or cannot find a System folder on the HD. Better hope the System folder or contents just got trashed. Still, you are probably looking at a HD reformat if that floppy icon were the only problem. Is your data backed up?

The "fork in garbage disposal" noise is really bad news. Are you still in warranty? Hard drives don't make that kind of noise, even the old Apple II 5.25 floppy drives didn't make that kind of noise. You are likely in the market for a new hard drive, and it would be best if Apple took care of it under warranty.

If you are still under warranty, don't open the case up. You don't want to give them any evidence to deny the warranty coverage.

Wish I had better news.
ianm Jul 18, 2000 01:50 AM
I tried the C key to no avail as with the option key.

This computer is irritating me.
First the analog board, then the monitor, now maybe the HD and ?? else....

Essentially IME, the iMac is nice and stable until it *EXPLODES*. Sortof like a ferrari with the most notorious trait of the pinto..

Looks like I'm going to be calling apple...again...

Thanks for your help,
luap82 Jul 18, 2000 12:28 PM
this same thing happened to me on my old 6500, it sounds like you need a new harddrive. Mine was making loud noises but i could still start up, i tried to ignore it but it was driving me crazy. Then i started to lose data. To start up from a Norton Disk, put the CD in and restart, holding down Cmd-Opt-Shift-Del which will tell your computer to ignore your internal HD. But if the system file is corrupted anyway, it should look to the hard drive and, not finding a bootable system, go to the CD. anyway, i guess this key combo will make it quicker. Run Norton on your HD, most likely you will probably lose most of your data, based on the sounds, but at least you can get your computer past the blinking floppy. Then go buy a new harddrive. Dont call Apple unless you are still under warranty. Otherwise you will just waste your time. I had to go buy myself a new harddrive but it was so cheap and i ended up expanding my space by a ton. Aside from the lost data, it was a plus. Anyway, good luck.
ianm Jul 18, 2000 07:23 PM
My computer ignored the key combo...lucky me.
Happy happy joy joy.....

I do appreciate the help.
I think my best solution is going to involve a Katana or Yari...

Macguy Jul 19, 2000 01:59 PM
Sounds like a major hardware problem.

You should take the computer into a Local Authorized Retailer and hope it's still under warrenty.
ianm Jul 19, 2000 06:15 PM
Yeah, major indeed.

I let the 'Apple dude' hear my fork-in-the-disposal HD noises and he was quite impressed. He said he'd never heard anything like it.


I had to buy the extended warranty.

Oh, and to get the stuck CD out, use a paper clip on the right of the slot loadport, theres a hole in the 'paperish' stuff that leads to a switch. It goes in maybe 1/4" and don't push too hard. Computer must be booted.

I think Apple said "Oh, here, lets just put this very useful button in a place no one will ever find it without our help."

What kind of crackheaded idea is that?

Oh well. I'm not complaining too much, atleast its had less BS go wrong than my infamous HP 8370...

At any rate, its off to make TenTec Systems earn their pay.

Thanks to everyone for provided assistance.
Cipher13 Jul 20, 2000 04:12 AM
I think my best solution is going to involve a Katana or Yari...

A 20-pound sledge-hammer did a wonderful job on a Wintel laptop I happened to have. Wasn't mine. A company computer. Not my company either, phew.
The difference being it was an accident on my part

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