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pastusza Jul 23, 2000 07:53 PM
Modifying partitions
I have a FireWire POwerbook and the HD is partitioned into 3 volumes. I would like to take the 2 non-boot volumes and combine them into one volume. Is there any way of doing this without wiping the whole drive??

Andy Pastuszak
reader50 Jul 23, 2000 08:42 PM
The only application that can do this currently is FWB's Hard Disk Toolkit v4.
pastusza Jul 23, 2000 09:38 PM
Ok, next question is...can I use HD Toolkit on an HD with SilverLining installed on it??

Andy Pastuszak
reader50 Jul 23, 2000 10:02 PM
This answer is even easier: I don't know.

Suggestion: email FWB and ask them.

ps Please post the answer here when you find it. I would not mind knowing, for the next person who asks.
toole Aug 9, 2000 05:23 PM
To the best of my knowledge :

1. For FWB to resize partitions on a device it has to be using FWB drivers.
2. Exercise caution : if you install FWB drivers on an unsupported device anything, meaning ANYTHING, can happen. I recently installed a Seagate drive [ unsupported ] as a slave in a G4 with a Western Digital drive [ also unsupported ] as master. Seagate was toasted - twice - I am on my third replacement drive from Seagate. Both now have Apple drivers and all is well.
3. FWB also has trouble even mounting volumes with Apple drivers installed. I am using 9.04....

Hope this helps.

OS 9.0 Mac OS ROM 3.2.1
G4 350 128 MB RAM
SCSI CARD ADPT 1686806-04
Gregory Aug 9, 2000 08:22 PM
Backup before you attempt anything.
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