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micha schraven Jul 26, 2000 10:50 AM
904 "forgets" a lot, like printer/memory

Yesterday, I installed drivers for my hp 4500 colorlaserjet. Today it wouldn't print.
whatever i tried, like reinstallation of driver, it still wouldn't print despite the que I constantly updated.
in the end I reinstalled my powerbook g3 500 and reinstalled the driver. now it does print (it better would!). but for how long?

The other problem I have concerns the memory. before reinstallation of 9.0.4 I had a ramdisk of 100mb. Now after reinstallation I still have that same ramdisk and I cannot get rid of it.

any suggestions would be helpful.

Jackson Jul 27, 2000 11:06 AM
This has happened to me also (forgetting settings). My hotline and quicktime programs occasionally unregister themselves and I lose all my remote access settings about once a month. Cannot figure out why. Strangely enough when I trash the remote access prefs RA returns to normal.
loki77 Jul 27, 2000 08:14 PM
I had this happen about two weeks ago. It only started immediately after trying out Rapster beta 10. It continued after every restart (3 times!) until I removed everything Rapster related and went back to Macster. This is not a plug for any software, just what happened. I had to redo my settings for Internet CP, TCP/IP CP, Behierarchic, Audion, Stuffit Deluxe, and more. If anyone is also seeing a trend with Rapster beta 10, but not with the newer beta 11 (which wasn't out at the time…), please post. It has a lot of features that are not on Macster. Not that I may have much time to try it out...
Zarathustra Jul 28, 2000 03:34 AM
My mother was experiencing similar problems with her new iMac DV+ right out of the box. Zapping the PRAM (command-shift-P-R I think at startup), letting it chime a couple of times, then resetting the control panels seems to have solved her problem.
luap82 Jul 28, 2000 05:14 PM
so all ya gotta do is zap the PRAM <i>once</i>, and the problem is solved?? sweet, i sure hope you guys are right.
Wigwam Jul 30, 2000 08:45 PM OS 9.0.4 kept doing this the volume setting and stuff, I zapped the PRAM and most things went back to normal. You have to set all your PRAM-related settings back to what they were though...but that's a quick fix...

It continued to forget what timezone I was in (required by Eudora...) for a couple of days...but then that problem mysteriously went away again...

I'm really glad they rewrote the system from scratch with OS X, because this is getting silly....

I'm glad my *shrug* PC has even worse never seems to remember the internet password...even though I constantly tell it to remember it :P

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