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awcopus Dec 11, 2001 01:30 AM
Boot from Ext. Firewire HD in X
I would be very appreciative if somebody would confirm based on their real-world experience that it is possible to boot up a PowerMac off of an external Firewire drive running OS X 10.1.1.

Using what drive by whom?

I am waiting (24 hours) to hear from La Cie about this. They're one of the few manufacturers listing compatibility with X, but they have yet to indicate whether their drives can be used for booting in X. Also waiting to hear from QPS.

Intuitively, I suspect that Apple's Firewire support would be second to none, and I've booted up machines from external Firewire drives running OS 9. X, of course, changes everything.
chris v Dec 11, 2001 07:32 AM
Works great with my Maxtor 40 gig. Not sure of the model no, but it's about 8 months old.

It's maybe a tad slower, but not enought to be worrisome-- there's just a longer delay between chime and startup.

awcopus Dec 11, 2001 08:27 AM
Chris, thanks!

Does your drive run silently? I have a totally fanless network of Macs and am interested in using a fanless solution!
chris v Dec 11, 2001 01:23 PM
It's fanless, but not exactly silent. You may want to do some research on which ext. drives are the quietest. I wouldn't reccommend the Maxtor solely on basis on noise. It's substantially louder than the IBM Deskstar that's the internal drive on my Cube.

You could buy a Deskstar or Seagate Barracuda (both of which get high points for being quiet) and put one in an external Firewire enclosure. But again, there you'd have to ask around about whether the enclosures will allow you to boot into OS X. I'm not sure, myself.

awcopus Dec 11, 2001 02:51 PM

Thanks again. Apparently the La Cie uses a Seagate mechanism, but has a substantial fan. La Cie claims that the fan extends the life of their drive.

Meanwhile, QPS offers a fanless drive mechanism (still looking for what exactly it is) and says that the extra heat will not adversely affect the life of its drive.

NEITHER LA CIE NOR QPS have provided a direct answer to the question of being able to boot up off their drives in OS X 10.1.1.
rambo47 Dec 12, 2001 04:41 PM
I put a Quantum Fireball 20 GB/5400 RPM drive in one of those FireWire enclosures and it mounted right away and showed up in the Start Up Disk control panel in OS X. I didn't boot to it, but if its there it will boot.
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