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malson Dec 11, 2001 11:49 PM
Strange freezes...
Guys, I'm hoping you can help me figure this one out. I have a Dual 800 running 9.2.2. I've started getting random freezes when I leave my machine on over night. I can see any pattern or reason for them.

When I am done for the evening, I quit all open programs except for distributed computing RC5 client. Since I have an LCD screen, I use the Sleeper control panel from St Claire Software. I have turned off all disk indexing in Sherlock. I can't think of anything else that runs on a schedule. Anyway, anyone have any ideas? Or even better, any utilities that I can use to log the machines activities until the big freeze? This is starting to annoy me and I hope I can figure it out sometime soon. Thanks...
supernature Dec 12, 2001 12:33 AM
Have you tried the ole zap the pram? I know corrupt pram usually creates frequent random freezes.
b*tchy Dec 12, 2001 02:20 AM
I had exactly the same problem with random freezes overnight. Eventually I tracked down the problem to a MS Intellemouse Explorer.

My girlfriend had a similar problem... tracked it down to a USB hub.

My suggestion...unplug all your usb devices and leave the machine on... when morning comes see if the clock is still ticking (set seconds to be visible).

Seems to be a problem between usb devices and the energy saver.
malson Dec 12, 2001 03:19 AM
Since I last posted I have zapped the pram and rebuilt the desktop. I guess I'll let her run and see what happens in the morning. As for the USB devices, the only things I have connected are the Apple keyboard and pro mouse. Same as always. Theses freezes only started about a week ago. Thanks for the comments so far...
<Rik1> Dec 12, 2001 03:57 AM
I also get a strange freeze but only when I turn the machine on in the mornings from a cold start (I think thats the expression - ie, when its been shut down overnight).
As soon as it gets through start up it freezes. However when I push the restart button it boots up fine. I can't explain this as surely nothing different happens or loads from a restart to a complete switch on.
Any ideas?
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