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delucaj Apr 5, 1999 11:03 AM
Imac freeze up's
I'm running a Rev B Imac w/96MB of ram. Does anyone know if there is a better way to recover from a system freeze up than disconnecting the power cord. Neither of the power buttons works when the system is frozen.
Patrick Apr 5, 1999 12:34 PM
Well, you might start collecting paperclips -- to restart your computer, there's a small reset hole next to the ethernet port. Bend a paperclip and use it in the hole to restart the machine. This gets annoying after a while, so you might consider putting some kind of button there, either by making your own (using a push pin or thumb tack) or buying one from . I bought one of their buttons for my rev A iMac -- not cheap ($10), but very useful.
gregm Apr 5, 1999 10:02 PM
Be careful which hole (always an important consideration) you place the paperclip in. The upper hole with the triangle is the reset hole. I think the lower one is for programmers.


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