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luap82 Jul 28, 2000 04:24 PM
ugh...more 9.0.4 problems
my dad has an iMac DVSE that came with 9.0 and he had problems with it so i updated to 9.0.4 for him and he now cant print, i guess his USB printer isnt being recognised or something, i dunno i didnt ask. But now he wants to go back to 9.0 so that he can at least print. I said this is a bad idea, if only because it wont solve the problem and it will reintroduce the old problems. If i do a clean install of 9.0 is this just a completely bad idea? his iMac has been pretty unstable as long as hes had it (since christmas 99) so i dont really know what to tell him. What should i do?
wlonh Jul 28, 2000 04:35 PM
well shucks, what model printer are we talking here?

and i am told by many of the fine people on this fora that you can remove the System Enabler (9.04) and that reverts you to 9.0...
someone should confirm or refute this if they have better info...

been so long since my iMac using pals here in the biggest apple have had any issues, i have not worked on their iMacs in a long while...
exa Jul 28, 2000 09:05 PM
Try initiating a few updates, such as usb updates, multimedia updates, and rom updates if you haven't done so. Reinstall the printer drivers too, this should work... I really don't know why 9.04 is such a big problem, I've installed it on several computers without any flaws, just strangeness I guess....
yoyo52 Jul 29, 2000 12:34 AM
Doing a clean install may not be a bad idea at all, but also reinstall the 9.04 upgrade.

As others have said, though, it would help to know what printer it is that you're using and how it's connected to the computer.
Gregory Jul 29, 2000 10:18 AM
Printers connected to USB hubs and keyboards, needing to be unplugged and then turned on after startup... enough there ought to be an FAQ somewhere - and dozens of msgs on the newsgroup (comp.sys.mac.printers) that it should be easy to narrow down.

Plugging printer into USB #2 port? - which printer? Epson? HP? Lexmark? powered hub?

All of those have their own twist on the problem... which in large part is how Apple drivers and vendors have implemented USB and 9.0.4 was in part largely to be the fix that 9.0 introduced or didn't address (over 8.6). G3 and G4 USB systems don't have problems the iMac has had. So maybe there is a firmware update or other changes in 9.0.4 ROM - search for iMac related updates on Apple Software Updates.

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