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phobos Jul 29, 2000 03:58 AM
What is error type 2?
When I use Corel Draw 8 LE after a while the
program closes and I get a messasge The pro
gram was unexpectedtly closed (or something) beacause of an error type 2.Close your programs and restart.Sometimes it crashes.
Please help.
reader50 Jul 29, 2000 05:41 AM
Error #2: Address Error. That means some program tried to write to a memory location that either does not exist on your machine, or more likely to a location that belongs to a different program.

This is one of those generic "I need an aspirin" errors thay you sometimes get. There does not seem to be a single sure fix for them. Try seeing if updates are available for any of your programs. Later versions often fix many small bugs. If you are using OS 9, use Software Update to see if there are any OS updates also.

Other people have reported success by reinstalling their OS.

And there is the standard advice: rebuild desktop, trash any suspect preferences such as all Corel prefs, the Finder prefs, and the MacOS prefs. Trashing these may not help, but at worst you will have to reset a few preferences. And trashing all these have been known to help.

If nothing works, check back. There are more tricks that can be tried.
yoyo52 Jul 29, 2000 11:45 AM
Sometimes allocating more memory to the app will help.
Misha Jul 29, 2000 12:26 PM
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