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b00mer Apr 15, 1999 06:09 PM
UW SCSI Bus On Crack with 8.5!
I have a small Lan at my house consisting of Two Yosemites, a 9600/350, and a Linux Box. I installed Adaptec 2940UW cards in all of the Computers. Ever Since I upgraded to 8.5 and then 8.5.1, I have had all sorts of strange errors with my SCSI connections. Basically what will happen is this:

When I go to tranfers files from one drive to another, The Estimated time will pop up. It won't update itself unless I continously click the mouse. I have about a 30-80% chance that the computers will lock up completely during the transfer. The longer it has been since a restart and the larger the files Im transfering are seem to up the odds.

If I bring any other application up and let the transfer run in the background, it slows down considerable, but it seems to help keep the machines from crashing. The devices I have connected are as follows. On one Yosemite, I have an internal IBM Ultrastar 9.1 Gig that is terminated, externally I ave a 2 gig jaz, a 9 UW RAID, and a Yamaha CDRW. The jaz is the last device and it is terminated. The other Yosemite has the same internal drive and only a 1 gig jaz drive externally. Both devices are terminated. Finally, the 9600 has a 9.1 UW WD Enterprise internal. On the Factory Scsi bus, I have The CD-Rom internally, and externally a Polaroid Sprinscan, a Umax Powerlook II, a 9 gig Ultra RAID and a zip drive.

I am using Apple SoftRaid to handle the RAIDS. I have also had problems when trying to transfer from SCSI drive to SCSI drive on the Yosemites... In order to avoid crashing, I need to transfer files from one scsi drive to the factory uDMA drive and then to a different SCSI drive. Direct SCSI to SCSI Transfers almost ALWAYS cause a crash. I have also updated my SCSI Drives and reformatted EVERY Drive using the latest Apple Drive Set-Up

All three computers have exhibited the EXACT same behavior. Has anyone else had this problem or something similar?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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scott Apr 20, 1999 04:35 PM
On the Yosemite machines, try installing Apple's <a href=" OpenDocument">Ultra2 SCSI Update</a>.

Dunno about the others, but this is a start.

- Scott

Scott Stevenson
Contributing Editor,

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