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sweet1 Jul 29, 2000 03:51 PM
8.6 X-lg screen sequence on G3
Does this happen to anyone else? Did not occur with 8.5 but does when update to 8.6 used:

Sequence: Chime>gray monitor>black screen>gray screen with oversized happy mac>large screen with MAC OS 8.6>black>regular size MAC OS 8.6 starting up, then extensions load and all is normal.

This has happened both times I updated from my original 8.5 CD that came with my G3.

Also how are coupons used that come with computer? Can I use to get CD version of system 9 or are they only good through 8?

Thanks in advance for any help.
sweet1 Jul 29, 2000 04:07 PM
To clarify previous post:
System is G3 B&W with OS 8.5.1
sweet1 Jul 29, 2000 04:51 PM
Someone sent me an email so I thought I'd post here for others. If anyone knows of a fix please reply. From Apple Tech support dated 10/21/99:

"The resolution switching is normal behavior as outlined above. The gray desktop pattern
is cosmetic, and will not affect the performance of your system. Apple is investigating possible
solutions to this temporary loss of the desktop pattern during boot."
reader50 Jul 29, 2000 05:26 PM
In a recent OS version (8.something or other, don't recall exactly) Apple moved your monitor resolution settings out of the pram and into the preferences folder. It is now normal for recent Macs to begin at 640 x 480, and switch during startup to your preferred resolution.

That explains the extra-large graphics during the beginning of the boot sequence. Also, the momentary black screens while switching resolutions. Your boot description is accurate for my G4 with 9.0.4 so this is now normal.

I have yet to use the update coupons, and would like to know the answer myself. It sounds like either free stuff, or (more likely) discounts on later OS versions. I would be happy with either.
Adam Silver Jul 31, 2000 06:27 AM
It's a feature, not a bug. The display is stuck at 640 x 480 during startup regardless of what you set the resolution to.

This "feature" has been removed from Mac OS 9 and later.
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