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Cipher13 Jul 30, 2000 02:11 AM
F-keys won't launch apps
Title says it all. I have the F-keys mapped to apps via the keyboard cdev and all of a sudden they stopped working. Have tried to re map and no luck.
Have trashed prefs, no luck.
Haven't zapped pram yet, and would rather not if there is any other way around it. Will try later if I have to. Any suggestions?

wlonh Jul 30, 2000 02:24 AM
don't fear the zapper... do it to it
Evangellydonut Jul 30, 2000 02:57 AM
sometimes, I'm just stupid and leave the "Use F keys as function key" option checked and unoticed, and couldn't figure out what's wrong for like 10 minutes...

Also, something that's been bugging me...there seem to be different degrees of PRAM zapping...Since the PPC, PRAM has been renamed to NVRAM according to TIL (None-volitile), and I guess there's some sort of PRAM that co-exist with NVRAM or something...If you zap PRAM using TechTool or MacArmyKnife of sort, it'll zap one set of perference. If you do so with cmd-opt-p-r + 2 chimes, something else gets zapped. If you hold down that button on the mobo, I think it has similar effects as software PRAM zapping (with TT or MAK), but done so much now, when I REALLY need to zap my PRAM, I do it at least 2 different ways...

Oh, anyone else experienced this? occurred twice already, when I put a music CD in my G4 on 9.0.4, it plays at 2x speed!!! Trashing the sound-pref fixes the problem, but I wonder what's causing it...
wlonh Jul 30, 2000 03:05 AM
your observations are correct Evangelly

have nothing for you on the cd bit, sorry
Cipher13 Jul 31, 2000 04:23 AM
hmmm... just started working after a restart... strange..
Thanks for replies :-)

Macnu Aug 2, 2000 05:22 PM
There is a known problem with Quark,Illustrator and other apps and the Keyboard/F-keys in Mac Os 9.0.X. If you go into the keybord control panel and click on the function key button it will bring up the programability for each key. If you CHANGE ANY from "Nothing Assigned" you MAY experience problems when using Fkeys that are used by applications such as Quark. The following is the fix as described by Quark tech support:
By default, the F keys in the Keyboard control panel are not programmed. Until the F keys are programmed, when a user selects an F key, in an application that supports F keys, the dialog will display asking if the user wants to open the Keyboard control panel.

At the bottom left corner of the dialog box that asks if you want to open the Keyboard control panel, there is a check box option that says "Don't show me this dialog again." Selecting this option will enable use of F keys, used as single keys or with the Option key, in QuarkXPress as well as in other applications that uses these keyboard combinations.

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