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Wigwam Jul 30, 2000 08:40 PM
Cookie Trouble!
Hi there!

I'm having serious trouble with cookies on my computer. It's a brand new G4 bought just weeks before macworld (yeah, I know...shut up...). I think this problem started just after I got this new machine. I also recently installed ISDN (Draytek USB in case that's relevant...) and I can't remember this problem appearing before I installed the ISDN adapter :P

Anyways....I can't access webmail, iTools or anything related to cookies (though it seems to have succesfully have saved the login and password for this forum). When trying to log into my web based email provided by my ISP it says that I've been inactive for 30 minutes and should relogin.

When trying yahoo-mail, I just get the same login page with no error message...

iTools reports that my computer isn't properly set up for iTools even though I just successfully installed it...

I've so far tried this:
* Deleting ALL files related to cookies. (MagicCookie etc.)
* Made 100% sure that ALL my browsers are set up to accept ALL cookies.
* Rebuilt my desktop files (threese...) with Tech Tool Pro
* Zapped my PRAM with Tech Tool Pro
* Run two complete repairs with Tech Tool Pro
* ...and one with Apple's Disk Tools
* Downloaded Internet Explorer 5 with NO luck from microsoft's website TWICE...the download won't start? wtf? Do they WANT me to use their browser or what?
* Setting my system clock a few minutes back (because some sites might think that my atom-clock-correct system time is in the future...)

Just to sum this up:

I can't use anything related to cookies in either iCab 2.0 or Netscape 4.6 which I very well could do before.
This includes webmail, iTools and other cookies requiring internet services including versiontracker and internet movie database...

It's been VERY annoying now for a while...can anybody help?

Basic system info:

Mac OS 9.0.4 Norwegian
PowerMac G4 400
iCab 2.0
Netscape 4.6

Thanks in advance,
Erik K. Veland
wlonh Jul 31, 2000 07:33 AM
trash Internet pref's and all cookies and restart and reset Internet control panel
Wigwam Jul 31, 2000 07:59 AM
After doing so...I'm unhappy to say it still don't work...

Time to call the witchdoctor or what?

Wigwam Jul 31, 2000 08:50 AM
Problem Solved

...and thanks to Mark Bate for putting me on track!

It seems like upgrading to the new system (G4, OS 9 etc...) had caused my good old pal WebFree to turn on its Supress Web Cookies before. This hadn't occurred to me, since it has always been unchecked...but I forgot to transfer it's preferences, and it got checked by default...

Anyway ribbit, if you have WebFree or similar might wanna check the control panel

It works beautiful now...and I can resume my normal internet life...
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