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rlgmeg Mar 23, 1999 05:15 PM
Disk Partitions
I am putting up my new G3/bw and dealing with my first muti-gig drive, a 12 G ATA. Does anyone have advice on how best to partition such a large space or should I just leave it alone?


Bob Graham
freedom Mar 28, 1999 06:43 PM
This is what I like to do:

5 partitions

1 - Macintosh HD - 500MB for system files only
2 - Hot Spare - 500MB - hot back up of system
3 - Applications - 5 gig
4 - Test area - for new systems and downloads - 4 gig
5 - Documents - for all Docs - 2 gig

This way you keep a nice clean system + a backup + your system does not get very fragmented. It also makes it very easy to migrate to new OS relases.
jreades Apr 7, 1999 03:29 PM
I'm not sure if this is covered by the "Hot Spare," but I'd also have a small (500MB) partition to use as a swap for memory when you're running Photoshop, Quark, and the other big, bad boys of graphic design.
blueman Apr 9, 1999 04:17 PM
Seems like great info from Freedom...I'm curious to get more info on partitioning(since I'm new to the thought)...where is the best resource.

Love to learn...
hamfisted Apr 14, 1999 09:36 AM
Speaking of partitions, is there a way (commercial software package or otherwise) to create them without having to reformat/initialize the drive (and backup everything?
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