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Wigwam Jul 30, 2000 09:09 PM
Pop-Up Folders flipping on me...
Yes, we all know that changing resolutions will mess your desktop up bad...but unfortunally I like playing games sometimes between all my ...cough... hard work... and some games like to change the res to whatever suits them.

I can sort my icons back most the times with SwitchRes automatic desktop cleaner...but the "desktop" cleaner only works for icons, not for my delicate system of pop-up folders, neatly organised with aliases for all my stuff and my download and temp folder.

Well, anyways...changing resolution seriously f**cks that up...(oh why Apple? WHY?).

Are there no utilities that will clean them up? I even tried making an AppleScript, but it didn't work...claiming they weren't windows or something...(but I just recorded the actions...weren't you just supposed to repeat them??? AAAaah!).'s VERY late and I should have been to bed a long time me if you can...

And Apple: Killing Pop-Up folders in X will make me REALLY don't even think that thought! K?


Helpful sys-info:
OS 9.04 Norwegian
That's it I guess...
Oh...and I got one of those nice 21" studio displays too if that helps Well...I just thought I'd brag... (Yeah...sure you got a cinema display :P)
mkb Jul 31, 2000 09:42 AM
Have you tried an applescript? Move your icons and folders to where you don't want them (i.e. out of place). Start recording an applescript, move everything back in place, and then save the script (I am not on my mac, so I can't remember which save option to select). You can put the script in your apple menu and run it when needed. I haven't tried this with popup folders, but I think this will work.
ChrisBlackwell Jul 31, 2000 09:58 AM

You can download a little Applescript that I wrote because of this very problem. When youd double-click it, the script will set every open Finder window to a popup.

Grab it at:

You could also write a script that uses SwitchRes to restore icon positions, then calls this applescript.

Hope this helps.

Chris Blackwell
Dept. of Classics
Furman University
yoyo52 Jul 31, 2000 10:34 AM
you can use an applescript for this--just have the script editor record your moves as you reset the desktop to your tastes. I put my script in the Apple menu for easy access.
TommyKnockers Jul 31, 2000 03:59 PM
Hi Wigwam, Desktop Resetter <> will restore your Pop-up windows.

And of course desktop icons too.

It's the greatest thing since sliced bread :-)
K.C. Lofty Jul 31, 2000 04:16 PM
Am i the only one who uses folder action scripts....

If you move it, it becomes a popup on the bottom left...if you close it, it becomes a popup on the bottom left...

whenever you access it, it becomes a popup on the bottom left...the line themselves up nicely. Works great.

Take your script, and attach it as a folder action, or email me, and i will send you mine.
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