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gunnar Jul 31, 2000 03:34 AM
set .html to open in either IE or NS depending on default browser setting?

I'm making a CD with HTML files and I don't know which browser people will be using. how do i set the file type of my index.html file so that is simply opens the default browsers, either IE or NS?
Pringlis Jul 31, 2000 05:33 AM
Well if they are on a Mac they should already have the default browser set in their Internet control panel.. also you could just tell them to drag the index.html or start.html file to their default browser which would do the same job.

Cipher13 Jul 31, 2000 06:59 AM
I messed around with file types and creators... I can't get it to open with the default app. I will try more later.
The best I could get was opening in either (easy, just set type to MOSS for netscape, or MSIE for explorer), or bring the dialog up to chose.
Depending on their system, it may automatically choose the app. However, even Word was listed to open it, so theres no telling what owuld open the files if they let the computer decide. Also, IE wasn't on the list...

gunnar Jul 31, 2000 12:41 PM
That's as far as I got too. I was going to make an internet shortcut but that won't work on 8.1 will it?
GORDYmac Jul 31, 2000 01:27 PM
Do nothing, it will open in their default browser.
gunnar Jul 31, 2000 01:33 PM
That logic makes sense but what creator do i set it as? Originally it is a BBEdit file so I have to change it so it doesn't auto-open in BBEdit
K.C. Lofty Jul 31, 2000 03:03 PM
If there is a creator code at all, then it will try to go to that application. If that application is not available, it will use the default application.

So, you need to strip off the creator code to make it use the default. The best way that i know of to do this is to put it online. The creator code lives in the resource fork, most servors remove the resource use fetch or anarchie or whatever to put it online, then pull it back offline and no more resource fork, or creator code..then it will go to the default browser.

There may be an easier way (save it on a PC, write it to an ISO disk) to strip off the creator code, but i dont know it.

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