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jOn Nykanen Jul 31, 2000 06:01 AM
Scandinavian Keyboard lay-out?
Anyone know whether Apple has now fixed the invisibility of @ and ~ on the finnish/swedish keyboards? I sent them mail some months ago, got an 'encouraging' response and have been waiting ever since.

(FYI, these keyboards are horror for newbies, as those internet - critical characters are hidden behind alt-combinations, with no visible clues on the keys themselves...)

(I had a hard time deciding whether to post in \'Peripherals\' or here.. have mercy )

joN *
wlonh Jul 31, 2000 06:07 AM
i often have to use Key Caps to figure where some stuf f is, can't remember it all! maybe Key Caps would help?

of course, because i am USA citizen i have never used a different keyboard or keyboard layout

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Wigwam Jul 31, 2000 07:42 AM
I haven't seen the new swedish/finnish keyboards, but the Norwegian version has always had a @ key, much to the envy of my pc using friends who have to either shift-alt-4 or alt gr-4 to get the @...

The ~ is harder to find...with no visible clues, I have to type alt- then a space to get it ~

Velly Silly...

Oh...and don't you just hate american programs who insist on using command-brackets for critical commands? To type a bracket I need to alt-8 and alt-9, and of course command-alt-8 and command-alt-9 WON'T where did I put ResEdit?

----these rants are making me THIRSTY!
MacOS761 Jul 31, 2000 11:10 AM
I'm an American, too... but I found a place you can look to get utilities to possibly help you out. <A HREF="http://""" TARGET=_blank>UMich Archives</A> are just great - most of the things there are very task-specific, so you could download thousands of little utilities and not scratch the surface. One thing there is <A HREF="http://""" TARGET=_blank>CarpetBag</A>, which may solve your problem - you can edit keyboard layouts with it. Anyway, check around, see what you see.
P Aug 1, 2000 04:49 AM
My Swedish USB keyboard (bought november -99) has @ printed on the key, even though it's option-*. ~ is nowhere to be seen, though.
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