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Cipher13 Aug 1, 2000 07:10 AM
Invisible item in extensions folder - 10929832
I really don't like having invisible items on my comp, especially when I don't know what they are, and if I didn't know they were there.
Whats worse is when they are in an area like the Extensions folder.
I just found a file called "10929832" (without quotes), and I don't like that. Type and Creator are both "????". It was invisible and locked.
It is a "document" and weighs in at 12 bytes.
It was created on the 20th of July. I don't remember installing anything then (though I may well have).
Anyone else seen this file before, or anything similar?
I know it may be a file that a demo app put there to see if I'd been using it and for how long, but because of my paranoid nature, I can't assume that...
Anyone got any ideas?

wlonh Aug 1, 2000 08:20 AM
???? is a MacOS creator as far as i know... look at the 'empty temp folder' freeware, there is ALWAYS a ???? file there and it had better be there!

see for yourself... HERE i am

this puppy is ever-present and it must be:
TempRes(number here) Unknown(????) 1k In Use

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Evangellydonut Aug 1, 2000 01:41 PM
I don't think ???? really means anything besides that the Finder can't find anything to assign to the file as far as creator and file-type is concerned. Personally, I go through all the invisible files on my machine once every other month or so, and delete all the ones that are not named "icon" or "desktop *" or "open folder list" or something that sounds essential...thus far, I haven't had any problems...
Cipher13 Aug 2, 2000 03:41 AM
I haven't as yet deleted the tempres files, as they seem important...
Will try tonight just to see what happens.
The link for empty temp folder is broken, so I'll check Hotline or or somewhere for it (thanks for the reference :-)).
I thought ???? just meant miscellaneous too... I think we are all right in that ???? is a MacOS file type, given to anything it doesn't revognise - i just checked a PC document and that was ????, so maybe MacOS dubs anything it isn't sure of that.

wlonh Aug 2, 2000 04:24 AM
no it is not broken i just tried it

works fine, empty temp folder link is fine
Cipher13 Aug 3, 2000 04:09 AM
Ok works now. Didn't when I tried before. Must be my server - they've had a couple of probs lately, due to restructuring everything.
Thats strange it was just that one URL though. Maybe they were down for a couple hrs...

wlonh Aug 3, 2000 04:18 AM
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