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phillyjoe Mar 20, 1999 09:36 AM
Virtual PC & Novell Groupwise
At our company, Novell Groupwise is the email client. For our Macs, we use the pitiful Groupwise 5.2. HOwever, we need to use Virtual PC for some apps. Problem is, it seems that you cannot use Groupwise at the same time. Groupwise will stop responding once Virtual PC starts up, and the Reflections terminal program we installed on Virtual PC can't find its telnet session. Restarting the Mac fixes everything again until you try and run these 2 together again. Its a Novell 4.1 network with Groupwise using the client/server connection. Any ideas?
PRaimondo Mar 31, 1999 12:42 AM
Sorry I can't help you with your problem but may I ask you a question?? how do you get the modem to work with an emulator?? I use soft windows 98 and I can't seem to use the modem

Thanks Phil
kschwab Mar 31, 1999 12:21 PM
If you are using an IP network, Virtual PC will appear as a second computer and will require it's own IP address, unique from the Mac's address. VPC will use the Mac's address if you haven't given it its own - and it will pre-empt any IP services on the Mac - cut them off in order to take over.
jrwyckoff Mar 31, 1999 05:31 PM
To P Raimondo

Call tech help for Soft Windows. They should be able to help you configure your dialer and network setup for Windows. Using a modem with emulation is not a problem. I do it every day using Virtual PC.
Ken Richardson Apr 5, 1999 01:08 PM
I recommend having all TCP/IP based programs in the virtual PC side and other programs on the Mac side if at all possible. Turn TCP/IP off on your Mac and use Appletalk to communicate between all your Macs and printing. At the least, you will learn if you are using Netscape for Mac, you can not use IP aps on the PC side until you quit from Netscape. It gets bumpy sometimes, so it can be easier to turn TCP/IP off. Most corporations will not give you an extra IP address just because you have a Mac, so that is what I would do.
tlhintoq Apr 6, 1999 01:30 PM
The earlier message referring to IP number conflicts was experienced in the School District where I work. We found that a static IP for VPC and DHCP for the Mac works consistanty; if that helps.
phillyjoe Apr 10, 1999 08:41 AM
I got a static IP address from my ITS. I would rather assign it to the Mac. Would that help? Thanks
iMack Apr 21, 1999 06:55 PM

I've noticed that on versions of VPC prior to 2.1.1 required two IP addresses, one being "hard" configured the other being Dynamic (DHCP). I always "hard" configured my Mac and had not trouble with GroupWise on the Mac conflicting with VPC.

On VPC version 2.1.1 I was able to allow both the Mac and VPC pull an IP from the DHCP server. Very cool since the boss doesn't like having non-DHCP assigned addresses.

Here's a suggestion for ya. We had some troubles with our GW Post Office and I was unable to log-in to GW on the Mac side and couldn't convince the GW Administrator that he needed to delete my GW account or at least my GW database and re-create it so I decided to just conform. I had VPC and so I installed GW on the PC side and now everyone's happy. Since you have VPC, install GW on it. It will floor your IT staff to work on Windows running on, of all things, a Macintosh to solve further GW problems. I got a bit tired of Novell not releasing reliable products for my Mac. 'Course I have the luxury of having a POP3 account to use on my Mac. Supposedly the newer GW and Novell will allow your IT staff to set up Post Office Protocol (POP3) as well as IMAP, ask 'em.
phillyjoe Apr 28, 1999 09:01 PM
Thank, Imac. I appreciate your response. Running Groupwise on Virtual PC would probably solve the problems I am having, but I really don't want to be in the PC environment any more than I have to. I use the VPC only for the Reflections comm program when I need info from our corporate database, and for (of all things) Visio. I put the static IP address on VPC and am still having some problems. My solution has been will probably continue to be to restart the Mac, run VPC for as long as I have to; restart again and use the Mac side including Groupwise.
solanum May 3, 1999 11:12 PM
Our groupwise client sucks too. =)
grab the new version of vpc I think its 1.2.1 it fixes some network problems.

Also, if you just running a terminal program you might want ot consider a mac term program eliminating VPC altogether..
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