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fractal Apr 28, 1999 12:25 AM
Anybody seen any native compatible drivers for the ATI Chip sets in Macs for VPC 2.1x?
I Have a PB G3 series 266. It has the ATI Rage Lite Pro.
I tried using the PC driver downloaded from ATI for the ATI Lite Pro. Windows and the ATI setup, wouldn't detect chip set. I really think the VPC Svirge 3 (32/64) emulated driver suck, If only ATI would fix it so it would be native. Since a majority of G3 Macs Use ati chip sets onboard, it would really make VPC usable.
Michael Sneider May 8, 1999 07:23 PM
Virtual PC emulates S3 video controller chips. It does not emulate nor directly access ATI-based graphics chips.
It will, however, directly support several 3Dfx PCI game accelerator cards.
It's not ATI's fault - this is how Connectix programmed VPC. If VPC directly accessed the ATI chip on the motherboard, it might prevent Mac video from being able to co-exist. I'm not a programmer, but I'm sure Connectix had a reason behind the way they did things. Copyright issues may also have been a factor.
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