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davewest01 May 5, 1999 05:38 PM
Autoplay CD-ROM
I use the autorun.inf file to make cd-roms autoplay on Wintel machines. Is there an equivilent MacOS file? I have supports Autoplay only in Mac Volume format...not ISO 9660, so I need to accomplish the Autoplay manually. Can anyone tell me how I can do this?
James Z May 6, 1999 02:49 PM
I think the answer is simple. Use the Quicktime control panel and check the box autoplay CD-ROMS and autoplay Audio CD's.
Rooster May 9, 1999 03:12 AM
AutoPlay is cool but it isn't worth the effort. Enabling 'Audio CD AutoPlay' is great! I love slapping and audio CD into my PowerBook G3 and working to some cool tunes. However, 'CDROM AutoPlay' is a diferent story since this is a great way for some malicious !@#$% to introduce some virus/worm onto your system. When my co-workers and I setup Mac and PC workstations for our clients the first thing we do is disable Data CDROM AutoPlay. Trust us, with the drop in price of CDR and the media for these burners the pssibility of running into a nasty surprise is growing every day.
On WinTel machines the autorun file is the key and even if you enable QuickTime's autoplay feature it will not work since very few Mac CDROMs are writen to take advantage of this useless feature (trust me, I'm a Mac/PC specialist with 11 years of experience and autorun isn't that cool).
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